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The Armageddon- Series 1, Episode 3 (Pop reel)

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LittleDino2022 avatar LittleDino2022
Level 31 : Artisan Wolf Whisperer
Two, short weeks flew by. Tension was building up. Death was approaching. Soon, it had nearly started.

Alex pulled and stood at the altar. The clock sat, ticking, almost taunting her. She stared at all her neighbours, geared up in armour. Some iron, some diamond, someone even had a metal that she had never even set her green eyes upon.
Until she saw Steve, no one else was there that she knew of.

Tick, tick, tick. Five minutes.
Alex shivered and pulled her jacket over her shoulders.

Tick, tick, tick. Four minutes.
She was shaky, almost unable to stand still.

Tick, tick, tick. Three minutes.
Her hands drew colder and colder by the second.

Tick, tick, tick. Two minutes.
Everyone was checking their backpacks and sorting them.

Tick, tick tick. Just one minute.
Alex pulled out her sword (the one that was fully enchanted, her most powerful sword).

DING! The clock alarm sounded.
Already, arrows flew everywhere, swords gleamed in the sunlight, people were at the brink of death.
She gathered her bag and legged it back home, followed by someone who was holding an iron sword. Suddenly, a sharp pain echoed through her. She turned around, and some dude was holding an iron sword. He went to hit her but before he could, Alex backhanded him and he went tumbling through the grass. His helmet was cracked with the impact but still he kept coming. Holding her sword, she anticipated what he did and fought him Alan Becker stickman style. He cried out in pain as the white smoke of death surrounded him, taking him up past the clouds into a fabled place called the End.
Quickly, she pulled out a healing potion and guzzled it down. Instantly her wounds were healed. She ran back home as fast as she could, holding out her shield as an arrow tried to pierce through her armour. Luckily she had made it back home, opening the iron door with the key. She flew inside as fast as an arrow, slamming the door shut and locking it. Alex sat back and watched the fighting continue.
There was a sudden banging on her door as she peered outside the window, almost bring hit by an arrow but narrowly avoiding it without looking. As she peered round, she pulled out her enchanted bow (one she had named 'Flamethrower') and shot the arrow.

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