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The arrogance of higher levels

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planetblox2000 avatar planetblox2000
Retired Moderator
Level 42 : Master Mlem Mlem Bat
Hey Pmc! blox here with another blog. this time im going to talk about the.....


Arrogance is a BIG problem. higher levels think they are better than lower levels because they have more subscribers or... better skinning skills

Say a level 3 posts a BRILLIANT skin


and this skin gets lots of diamonds and favourites.

but suddenly this level 59 swoops in and says

"Now there is one thing wrong with this skin: it sucks"

and that kinda critiscism can make that talanted skinner not want to post skins ever again in fear of being critiscised again.

now for the arrogance of contest posts.

say some level 55 posts a project for a contest called (im making one up here)

The September mob zoo contest!

and his entry gets 9th place. good enough right? not for him. He thinks that HE should have won and all the other projects suck and the judges are blind. and all the level 55's subscribers back him and makes the top three skins feel as if they dont deserve the title of 1st 2nd and 3rd

But we should all remember that not ALL high levels are bad. im talking about Jeustical, Dollars, Ragnur Le Barbre, VeryMadCrafter, Elijah_Blu and Leostero.

We should all look up to these higher levels, for they set a lesson.



If u like :D

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01/14/2014 7:09 pm
Level 44 : Master Electrician
Bob_In_Soup avatar
I feel like I'm a high level person but I don't do that :O

I like to post constructive criticism on people's stuff
10/09/2015 7:49 pm
Level 25 : Expert Crafter
idk lol
idk lol avatar
Constructive critism is great, because it helps others improve their skins, instead of just saying, "It is horrible."
01/13/2014 9:09 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Dragonborn
tgpXLEUMAS avatar
Jajajaj im 28 XD
12/07/2013 3:43 am
Level 27 : Expert Taco
spike43884 avatar
I must agree with this But, i find also its not just higher levels, But even people that should be trustable in pmc, contest judges favouring certain projects becuase the maker of them is there friend and so on, Also some of the moderators (i wont point names but its NOT paril :3) are quite arrogant...And just act better then other people.
11/01/2013 6:13 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Procrastinator
-Rusty- avatar
I do not necessarily agree they are arrogant...

But it does bring you down a bit when a level 70 points out even the smallest mistake, and let me say its different than if a level 7 points out that exact same problem.

It's like people think their opinion is more important, the whole root of levelism....
12/07/2013 3:45 am
Level 27 : Expert Taco
spike43884 avatar
nicely put, but not levelism, as its many more factors, if theyve come in top 10 of a contest, if they have subs if they have levels, the time theyve been on pmc and so on, i can understand people being VAGELY tough on level 1's becuase there yet to prove themselves.
although level 70's pointing out a small mistake isnt bad really, becuase theyre teaching you to improve, but you still have the option to ignore that opinion...
12/10/2013 2:41 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Procrastinator
-Rusty- avatar
Not at all, I find we can pick and choose from each others opinions.

In the matter of higher levels, I think it is the way they put things, obviously when it sounds like constructive criticism it will seem very helpful, but when they don't it makes you feel like crap. However I don't see much of that nowadays.
12/11/2013 11:38 am
Level 27 : Expert Taco
spike43884 avatar
I try to be constructive but i think possibly the problem might be in lower levels just raging at constructive critism the 1's who do it, have given up becuase it just gets them raged at.
04/07/2013 7:39 am
Level 35 : Artisan Turtle
Deth_Glitch avatar
I have never seen anyone who is arrogant and I have been here some time. Most of the high-levels are really supporting and kind from what I have seen. Ok so there may be some, but if you look at the low levels then you will find alot more people who go around say 'it sucks' or 'im better'.
02/22/2013 2:25 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Network
The_Nerdiness avatar
I never see someone at lvl 50 who's arrogant.
If they were, they wouldn't have subs.
Also, it's a subs job to back up the person they have subbed to.
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