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Published on 5/15/2014 - 5/15/14 8:27 pm , last updated: 07/20/14 6:50:54 pm

Hello! Me and my friends from a forum we visit have formed a podcast.

We're The AudioGenic Podcast, a podcast between JackColor, Kofuku, and Squareof3. We're friends from a forum, yes, but we intend on sharing both what we'll be doing on our social links, as well as cool blogs, music, arts, design, news, and other great things to check out! We also don't sound too bad either, hence the name. We don't monetize any of our videos, so we're speaking from actual opinions here. The first 5 episodes have been a good warm up, and we're ready to make the AGP something worth listening to.

[Promotion because we love you]

Expect any of these things, and much more!

Featured Blogs

Featured Musical Artists

Odd News stories

Featured Games

Featured Deviantart artists

Featured Books

Featured links

What we've been up to

New things with our channels

And some of you may be asking why this is on PMC, right?
Well Squareof3 and I play Minecraft very often, and intend to talk of some upcoming things on our channels about it. But thats not the only reason.

The Podcast is based out of youtube, with the MP3 Version available at
mediafire, so we needed a video portion of the episodes.
So I made a Talkshow studio in Minecraft!


So please take a look at this project we're making, and help us by letting us know what you think!

You can even follow us on twitter too
These are clickable~

@JackColour     @Kofuku94    @Squareof3   

And we'd really love to hear what you guys think!


Update #3 : 07/20/2014 6:50:54 pm7/20/14

Episode 8 is out! We're actually back after the long break we had. The newest one is in the playlist on the original link! so check it out!

Update #2 : 05/25/2014 2:36:41 pm5/25/14

Ok. Sorry about the delay. We expected that Square would be back from vacation sooner. But anywaysw we're promoting a Music artist you should check out, A regular artist who loves doodles, and some other stuff.

Check it out on youtube Here and dont worry, there's always an MP3 Version in the description.

Update #1 : 05/21/2014 9:41:42 pm5/21/14

Episode 7 will be out in the next day or so!

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