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The Autobiography Of The iPhone

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The Autobiography Of The iPhone 

I am the Apple Phone. I am commonly known as the iPhone. I was first made in 2005. I am used all over the world. I run on the iOS operating system made by Apple, only for Apple. Over the years, I have evolved a lot. From the small iPhone to the 5 inch long iPhone 6 plus. Maybe I wasn't the first of my kind but I certainly was the first of a part of my kind. I was one of the first smartphones or touch screens. Before me, all mobiles had buttons to press and mess with. I was famous as I was easier to use. I could also run many new softwares that couldn't be run on a mobile phone. What a joy it was for me, selling like a flood of phones. Then very soon I evolved into the iPhone 2, which was equally popular. Now I wasn't the only smartphone in the world. My past form was still selling and there were other companies that began making those of my kind. My rivals were Samsung, HTC, Motorola and others. These ran on a new operating system by a firm called Google. The name of iOS's arch rival was Android. Then I again evolved into the iPhone 3 and then into the iPhone 4. Now the real battle of phones had begun. There were more companies then ever to compete in the world of smartphones. The new companies producing smartphones were Nokia, Sony, Microsoft, Google, Blueberry, Blackberry and more but the Apple iPhone was still a master. Then a surprising thing happened, my flow of evolution became unbalanced. From iPhone 4, instead of becoming iPhone 5 I became iPhone 4s. Then I became the iPhone 5. Then I became the iPhone 5c and then 5s. Then I split into two new forms, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus. During all this my big brother was also evolving. He was called the iPad. He is badly split into Air, Mini, Normal and now Pro. His story can be told by himself. I am the best because I am the Apple iPhone.


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