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The Awakening I The Story of Steve

April 16th, 2004

I just received this diary for my 10th birthday, so excited to use it, mum says it cost her $10, I feel so grateful for this present. I might as well start documenting, well dad says we won't be getting any food today, not enough money, only enough for a single carrot, he ate the entire carrot, not even giving any to mum and I. He says he doesn't hit mum, but I see him do it, she has bruises all around her eye and mouth. I hope dad can steal some more money soon, i'm incredibly hungry. 

April 17th, 2004
I've managed to steal some money from an old lady down the street, I threatened to steal her dog if she didn't give me money, she then gave me $10 and said "That's all I have, please don't take her", I then ran home and showed dad, he snatched it from me and said "This isn't enough, I need more for my food, i'm starving!" He then slapped me and shouted "GO TO BED, NOW!" Dad is so mean sometimes,I better stop using this diary, he may found out what I've been writing about him, he may think I'm going to show someone, like the police. I must hide it under the bed, he'll never look there, this is my final entry in this diary.

June 18th, 2014
Decided to use this old diary I used as a kid, so many memories might aswell document some more, the past is behind me,the life I had before is gone now, I have a good life now, my father doesn't torment me anymore, he is gone, he died in a car crash. Well here it goes, Bought a coffee from the new café down the street, they make great coffee. Started work early, needed to get some files done on this nuclear testing taking place, some say that they're trying to kill something, something that only a nuclear bomb can kill, all just a big conspiracy ,a lie, people these days, trying to get attention anyway possible. I've looked deeper into the database on the nuclear testing and it says they're digging into the earth and setting it off as close to the core as they can dig, what is their plan, there are plenty of desolate places they could set it off, why near the core of the earth? What's at the core, only molten lava I would guess nothing to blow up, unless the conspiracy theorists are right, are they trying to kill something, something, something big, something strong. People started to arrive at work, closed down file on nuclear testing and kept monitoring the levels of power within the servers, too much and they break, to little they break, I have the most important job in the whole nuclear plant, if the servers break, no power to the plant, no power to the plant no power the doors, the doors that connect the nuclear testing area to the rest of the plant, it could leak and contaminate the whole plant, everyone would die a slow and painful death, once they're infected, they can't go back. Another successful day at work, no problems, everyone working, nuclear testing is in two days, drilling started today, just outside the plant, luckily no one or no thing lives around here, out in the middle of sea, well I guess it's time to go home, on the speed boats, might as well finish reading the rest of the book I just bought , it's a long way home, 3 whole hours of nothing but  "The Darkness of the Waves" a great book, written by H.R Clemming (2 hours later) Just finished reading the book, great ending, I would never have guessed the darkness was the envy of his wife's success. I've finally arrived home, ate some steak along with some mashed potato and chopped carrots, Alex loved it.Browsed the internet for a bit, checked Block Book for any updates, watched the trailer for the new Hunger Games and went to bed.

June 19th, 2014

I've got to work, reading the new book by H.R Clemming, "The Prophecy of the Flames" , just as good as " The Darkness of the Waves" so far, still monitoring the power levels, as well as reading. Drilling still going, no major problems so far, only a couple of tiny cracks within the drill, progress is still as good as ever, will be finished by tomorrow, tomorrow they're testing the nuclear bomb, I've just been told I'm going to be a field responsive unit at the site they're testing the explosion, I was told I have to wear a hazmat suit and watch out for any problems, for example if there was a leak in the bomb I would have to report it to the senior safety officer, he would then report it to the boss of the whole project. As I'm writing this I cannot see any leaks, or any problems whatsoever, they are lowering the bomb now, everyone around the site is anxious. (5 hours later) They have now lowered the bomb, slowly but surely. It's now ready for detonation, the blast doors close, a man on a loud speaker counts down detonation, 5...........4.............3.............2...........1. Everything went silent, no noise, had the detonation failed? I went to look through the camera feed, nothing, just the blast doors closed over the door. I hear a loud roar, and a giant dragon like creature flew out, it smashed through the blast doors, not even the nuclear bomb could have blown it up, what is this thing! The black and purple creature then spewed out some purple liquid at the door, it poked its head through and stared at me, it spewed some more purple liquid, it burned a whole in my chest, I'm dying as I wright these words, the creature flew away, in the distance I see tanks and soldiers firing at the dragon, it's not dying, it kills all of them with it's acid like spew. By the time your reading this I will be dead. Stay away from this creature it looks dangerous, and god have mercy on those who it might come to kill. Goodbye Minecraftia, goodbye Alex my loving wife, stay safe. Goodbye everyo

I found this diary, I've been on this beach for hours, wandering around, looking for some sign of civilisation, all I found was this diary,I don't know who I am or who I was, all I know is that I have to survive...........

If you have taken the time to read this story, thank you.
This was my entry for the "A life of Steve Contest". For this contest you have to explain how Steve got alone, his back story before the game actually takes place. If you didn't notice Steve was working at the factory, died, got saved my Notch and transported with amnesia to the middle of no where. Welp, As always............

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10/03/2014 8:26 am
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