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The Backstory of Minecraft

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The Skedit avatar The Skedit
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For me, the story goes like this, many years before the present Minecraftian day a fellow man, exactly identical to Steve lives the simple life, he eventually finds civilization, one time he meets a professor testing cloning, the test was a success but the Professor only said he could let the clone out once in dire emergencies, the "Real Steve" agreed and carried on with his duty, one night (We'll refer the old Steve as "Steve 1" and clone as "Steve 2"), Anyway, Steve 1 found a cave with an odd purple ember emerging within the deep Caverns of Minecraftia, Steve 1 went further down, slowly beginning to hear quiet odd chanting within, the lights got brighter, eventually the lights flickered to a point, a faint sound of a human voice crept around the strange smelling air, eventually the voice immediately cut off, upon spying a mysterious "Ender", which has a different appearence from an "EnderMAN" an Ender has unknown looks but the Ender kidnapped Steve 1 to the clan of Enders, the Enders performing the evil ritual were positions near a huge, burning giant orb of stone and metal fizzling in the background. The Enders walked to Steve 1, spoke in the mysterious Ender language, Steve1 Could tell it was bad, other Enders were cheering enchantingly, suddenly the leader of the Enders stopped the clan, the glared at Steve 1 and started talking back to the other Enders, the other Enders spoke in a negotiating voice, but the leader explained back, the Enders all cheered, the transfer... had begun. The Endermen walked to the cages filled with dead humans, they took them out and bought them back to life as ENDERMEN, however Steve 1 was alive, the enders began the transformation, all Steve1 could see was white, eventually the world around him became clearer, but he had the urge to stay mysterious, he could understand the Ender Language clearly, they whispered words "you were made to hau"- the words stopped as the world whitened in and eventually went back, Steve1 awake on the Surface, but he found out he wasn't real, no one was like him.. because he was.. HEROBRINE, his soul-less eyes, of a live enderhuman transfer of spirits. He felt like he didn't belong to Minecraftia, he was an exile, Herobrine hid until adventurers found him by mistake, he began to torture people mining and exploring for solutions, after finding out about Endermen roaming the surface, the humans realized a way to stop the Enders, one person found the Ender cave Herobrine found as a human, the way between worlds was heavily guarded, this defense was known as strongholds, Strongholds were impenetrable, but one human worked his way around, and slaughtered many Endermen within the End, but the Endermen summoned the ultimate Guardian, the Enderdragon, to defend the land of the end, to make sure nowone could stop them taking over Minecraftia. Now you're probably wondering about the clone, the professor himself was awaited by Herobrine, himself, Herobrine said no words, no mercy, within the fireball of Revenge the power managed to kill the professor, however his corpse had luckily landed on the button to awaken his clone, Steve2, or the modern Steve, Herobrine took over the word and buried it under dirt, sufficating many, and entrapping people within their homes and blocking them from resources, no one could escape, after weeks Herobrine declared the people dead, even Steve2, but Steve 2 hadn't awoken yet, the blocking of the dirt stopped power getting to wake up Steve2, but eventually a fault within caused the dirt to slip and awaken Steve2 3045 years later, Steve broke out of the flattened dirt, eventually.. the story will go on, Civilization is gone, nobody can save Steve, he relies.. on himself..

CreditMineWars Machinima for: Herobrine-Enderman. Notch for the gap within the story and Minecraftian for the Professor and the wait of time Steve2 had to wait for to be free..

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12/22/2011 8:27 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Ranger
The Skedit
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Feel free to give feedback, improvements, it's also OK to tell what i should do in part 2 as well, I'll credit your part as well, just.. not too many! X)
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