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The Basics on Making ONLY ONE COMMAND Builds

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Level 33 : Artisan Narwhal
You know those YouTubers that make those cool builds that give you the ability to shoot lazerbeams whilst becoming a bear and traveling to the moon, all with one command? Have you ever aspired to be them? Well, now you can! Here is how only one command contraptions are made, and how you can make them.

The builds are made by summoning FallingSand entities that take the form of a command block with a command inside of them, and then making that falling sand have another piece of falling sand ride it, and so on and so forth. Here's an example command you can test out in your world:

Paste Into Command Block
summon FallingSand ~ ~1 ~ {Time:1,Block:command_block,BlockEntityTag:{auto:1b,Command:"say Hello der"},Passengers:{id:FallingSand,Time:1,Block:command_block,BlockEntityTag:{auto:1b,Command:"say How's it goin?"}}}
Let's discuss that command.

FallingSand entities are how the game creates falling blocks. When sand, red sand, gravel, dragon eggs, or anvils fall, they aren't actually blocks, but rather, entities. They all take the "FallingSand" entity, which is where the "Block" tag comes in to differentiate the blocks. We are just setting the block to a command block, and changing the block's data tag to automatically run when placed, and to contain a command. That command block contains a passenger, which also happens to be a command block FallingSand entity. This has the same block data tags, but a different command.

In order to place repeating command blocks or chain command blocks, just replace the command_block part of the command with "repeating_command_block" or "chain_command_block" respectively.

So, by using this method, we can make one command block create a bunch of other command blocks that all execute different commands. Hopefully this helped you on your journey to become the next IJAMinecraft! Thanks for reading!

oh and um one more tip: Command blocks have a character limit of 32,767 characters. When designing your creations, be extremely careful not to pass this amount, as if you do, the command won't work.
CreditMy grandparents, for letting me stay over at their house for a week. Man, the internet really sucks here though.

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08/08/2016 8:34 am
Level 39 : Artisan Fish
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I was hoping you'd have a sort of command that would have the box premade so I would just have to copy and paste my commands into it. But then again you titled it the BASICS of One Command Builds.
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