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The Battlefield

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Level 25 : Expert Fisherman
Blackness. It was all Jason could see as he heard the muffled thud of his body hitting the ground. The whirring of bullets, shouts of men, and the screams of those beyond  the help of a medic filled the air around him, muffled by the ringing in his ears.  He suddenly heard one of his commanding officers bellow, "Charge", which he knew would be futile. The adrenaline that filled the soliders passing him, obeying the officer's command, had only led them to their own deaths as Jason heard the shouts overwhelm the other sounds of the battlefield. Only, confirming the bullets flying above have found its target.

 Soon, the blackness that had followed Jason to the ground began to consume him. Sending him into a deep sleep, a sleep in which he loathed but desperately wanted to overwhelm him. Jason realized where he was going, and fought the sensation of his body leaving him. He rose from the blackness, and opened his eyes -

 The sight his eyes had revealed portrayed a horrific scene of death and destruction. Jason saw where he was - no man's land. All around him were beaten bodies riddled with holes like swiss cheese with blood seeping out. Others were badly burned or...or had limbs torn off. Jason ignored how he hit the ground so hard or what had happened to him, he couldn't bare witness  his condition. All he wanted was to be home, settle down, have kids - a good life, but he knew he had to get out of no man's land.

 Jason looked around him, ignoring the enemy firing at his fellow infantry soliders. He turned his attention to the foxholes he came out of to charge the enemy, a futile charge. Crawling desperately, Jason felt how weak he was, why couldn't he walk? A staff seargent firing an assault rifle noticed Jason crawling towards the foxholes. The man slung the rifle across his shoulder, and yelled to Jason, "I'm coming to get you." Filled with relief, Jason kept crawling as the man dashed towards him. The man reached Jason, automatically going prone to avoid getting hit and risking the lives of both him and Jason. "I'm going to pull you by the chest and I will hand you a handgun, if anyone comes out of those trenches, shoot them!" Jason understood perfectly, he knew what he had to do. 

 As Jason was pulled backward he saw two men emerging from the very trenches the man had talked about, both armed with assault rifles. Immediately after rising from the trenches, one of the men turned his gaze towards Jason, raising his assault rifle on instinct. Jason lifted the pistol handed to him and aimed towards the men. On impulse he pulled the trigger, allowing two bullets to escape the barrel, spiraling straight into the man's thigh and chest. The other man noticed his fallen comrade and turned towards Jason, in the second it took Jason to realize the second hostile's intentions he pulled the trigger again, with the same result - the man hit the ground in a bloody inferno.

 Soon, the entire enemy frontier became clear. All enemies evacuated the area running from Jason's forces. The men in the foxholes cheered at the victory - the supposed victory. Jason was only halfway to the foxholes, when several metallic cans were thrown out of the trenches. On impact, the cans erupted in smoke of a brownish-yellow. The screams of soliders in front of Jason revealed one thing - mustard gas. Jason instructed the man to cover his face and run, even meaning if Jason were to be left behind. The man understood Jason, but ignored him. Instead he picked up Jason and hauled him on his shoulders. The man ran as fast as he could with Jason in tow, everyone did, as the approaching gas caused men to drop like flies. 

 The man holding Jason had become almost immobilized slowing down with every waking second as the gas approached them. Another man running from the gas noticed Jason and his savior's rough situation and helped lift Jason. Suddenly, the wind picked up, the gas picked up speed, gaining on them - fast. Men who couldn't run any longer found themselves consumed by the gas, dying a slow and painful death. Suddenly, jason found himself dropping to the ground, as he accpeted his fate, that his saviors had given up on him, and his time was due. Jason blacked out as the mustard gas grew feet away, and let the overwhelming blackness consume him.

 Jason awoke in a makeshift hospital. The two men who had helped him laid by him, both getting treated for burns and exposure to mustard gas. The hospital staff had noticed Jason's awakening and had explained to him what had happened. Jason was in No Man's Land when a grenade wiped out his squad, blowing off his right leg, and leaving some serious damage to his eardrum. Chester, the staff seargent who had started to drag Jason out, had saved him from the mustard gas with the help of Sully, a corporal who had assisted in carrying Jason to safety and had spotted an old building ravaged by bombs and bullets. However, Sully had noticed a room intact and quickly had them all taken inside, dropping Jason in the process of entry. Sully and Chester had taken Jason in the room, stuffing their shirts under the door and into the vents, to keep the gas out. Within hours they were found by another squad on patrol for survivors and enemies. 

 Jason was treated for the next two weeks and was then sent home to Boston. Jason eventually lived what he wished for on the battlefield. He was treated at the V.A. and given a prosthetic leg. Jason kept in contact with Sully and Chester. Three years after the war, he met a wonderful woman and married her, then leading to him fathering and raising three beautiful children. 

Jason lived a wonderful life, the life he wished for, on the battlefield.

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06/13/2014 8:20 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Artist
Good story
06/13/2014 8:31 pm
Level 25 : Expert Fisherman
Lol, maybe with a happier ending than the other story! Xd
06/13/2014 6:44 pm
Level 73 : Legendary Engineer
Keep bringing us great stuff! Diamonded and subscribed!
06/13/2014 7:12 pm
Level 25 : Expert Fisherman
Thanks :D
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