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The Bees Knees Community Event Summary

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Level 95 : Overlord Cake

The bee's knees. The cat's meow. The cream of the crop. All of these idioms have the same meaning; the BEST of the best! The bees knees spring community event was created to inspire members to create something they loved most about the spring. Several were inspired by the title itself, as wee saw many bee themed submissions! Others chose to create something based off of their favorite spring colors, and some chose to take a good look at their gardens for inspiration! Here's a collection of our favorite submissions, and some fun facts along the way!

It's no secret that bees play a very important role in our ecosystem and in maintaining our planet. Bees are vital to both pollinate the food we need to survive and pollinate trees and flowers that provide homes for wildlife. Fun Fact: There are over 20,000 species of bees, the most prominent of them being the honey bee!

Several members were inspired by the black and yellow buzzing insects, including supersize statue specialist Boscawinks who decided to put his skills to work for this event! He created four variations of bee mob statues; just vibing, pollinated, angry, and angry and pollinated. Take a look at the trio below, hovering above a field! Be sure to check out his Mob Statue Collection for more builds like this!

The Bees Knees Community Event Summary
Be sure to read this poem by Giancarlovan that pairs perfectly with bosca's bee scene!

There were many bee-mob mashups; bee fish, bee withers, a ghastee, bee wolfs and [​shown below] a bee bear! CaraRose cleverly used the shulker box to hide a little bee inside of the hive. How cute!

Bearly Beelievable (Bees-Knees) Minecraft Skin
Bearly Beelievable by Xadirius

Shulker Bee Hive 🐝 Minecraft Skin
Shulker bee hive by CaraRose

The bee hive was also popular amongst skin creators. Using mob models such as the shulker, slime and blaze, they reskinned the vanilla textures to be the bees humble homes, with bees seen on the outside of them. Nice touch!

Honey Hive of Bees Minecraft Skin
Honey Hive of Bees by -BlockyBoi-

Honeyhive Slime Minecraft Skin
Honeyhive Slime by noahsoboz

One of the 7 Data Packs submitted into the event was this Immersive Beekeeping pack by Devons_Desk! This datapack aims to make beekeeping a more in-depth, rewarding experience. It includes custom tools, machinery, crafters, foods, and more! The copper scraper, for instance, is a new tool you'll use to harvest your honeycomb! There are a couple of other variations of the scraper each with a bit more progression and chance to drop additional honey comb and experience!

Another new item you'll encounter with this data pack is a custom Beekeeper's Crafting Table - things you'll be able to make include: the scrapers we mentioned above! You'll also meet the apiarist, a new villager that will sell a beekeeping license, and additional beekeeping supplies. Such a fun pack that'll have you interacting with the buzzy bees like never before!

What's a hive without a Queen Bee? The Queen Bee plays a vital role in the hive and serves two primary purposes; to produce chemical scents that help regulate the unity of the colony and to lay LOTS of eggs. More bees, please!

We complete this section with a mob model of the magnificent queen bee by Nitgo; And what a beauty she is!

Queen bee model


You know the stuff. The sweet, golden nectar produced by bees! You can use it as a sweetener in baked goods, top fruits and desserts with it, or even eat it straight up. More importantly, its what bees eat to regain all of their energy. Did you know that in order to make ONE pound of honey, bees in the colony must visit 2 million flowers and fly over 55,000 miles?!

Another fun fact: bees have a wax gland. Yep, that's right! That's where the wax comes from to make the hexagonal mass that stores honey, known as the honeycomb! Wax comes from an opening on the underside of the abdomen of a bee and are constructed in a way so that the honey does not flow out. Pretty neat. You can see the hexagonal pattern of honeycomb in AquaLessPantsu's build below, as well as a couple of sticky sweet skins inspired by honey!

Honeycomb by AquaLessPantsu

One of our favorite honey themed skins is created by SolarSimonDM who completely transformed the Steve skin into an ooey-gooey golden creature of wax. The skin has an amazing amount of detail! wackywow chose the slime mobs skin as inspiration to create their honey-themed skin; using the transparency layer to add extra dimension!

Honeycomb Hermit by SolarSimonDM

Honey Slime by wackywow


April showers bring May flowers! Flowers bring COLOR to our worlds with their vibrant hues of primary colors and mixes of them. From cherry blossom trees, to tulips, you know it's spring time when buds start blooming into beautiful flowers. Add more color to your Minecraft world with Spring Flowers by Daggsy which adds 5 additional variations for each small flower, 6 rare flowers, 5 variants for rose bust peony and lilac and 11 additional variants for the sunflower!

Other floral packs that were submitted include Daffodils by Tacoshet and Blooming by Vanillin!

We also saw several skins inspired by flowers, a few of our favorites can be seen below:
b l o o m-rce Minecraft Skin
Bloom by stari
Blossom Minecraft Skin
Blossom by coast
rose garden Minecraft Skin
rose garden by cxxki
~S u n f l o w e r s~ Minecraft Skin
~Sunflowers~ by Ravenbrine was here
-insecurities- Minecraft Skin
-insecurities- by crayne
s u n f l o w e r Minecraft Skin
s u n f l o w e r by skittlezcandy

And lastly, to round out the Flower themed submissions is this big beautiful hydrangea bloom captured by thealmightybirb. They submitted several gorgeous springtime photos in a blog. You'll find a pear and apple tree, a mystery tree with white flowers, some pink and purple flowers growing in the grass, a cat, some ivy with logs.. and so much more. Be sure to check it out!

cool spring photography blog by thealmightybirb

If you've ever tended to any type of garden, be it a vegetable garden or a flower garden, you know it is TOUGH work. Pulling pesky weeds is a never ending battle in flower beds and depending on the size of your vegetable garden, controlling pests and animals that might be having an afternoon snack can be a struggle.

This is why, during the spring months, gardeners plan prepare their gardens for optimal performance! A few members chose to create skins of these nature super-heroes; one of our absolute favorites was Gardener the Gnome skin by Campestral, shown to the right. We love everything about this skin, from the pony tail beard, to the elf-like ears, mushroom cap, and all of the small details on the outfit. This skin is an HD remake of elfie_'s adorable gnome skin, which was a finalist in the Spellbound Garden Player Skin Contest:

Gᴀʀᴅɴᴇʀ ᴛʜᴇ Gɴᴏᴍᴇ // CE Minecraft Skin
Gnome skin by elfie_

A couple more Gardener themed skins created for this event can be shown below:

Gardener of Eden Minecraft Skin
Gardener of Eden by cheyko
Crop-Mania Minecraft Skin
Crop-Mania by GingerPie

Baby birds! Butterflies! Ladybugs! Ahhh, the sight of even the peskiest of insects is welcoming during the springtime. Okay, maybe a short lived feeling after the mosquitos start biting but

Critters of Spring
by YokaiS adds 4 new types of flowers: marigolds, daffodils, gypsophila and a hybrid flower called the flamenco hybrid tea rose. In addition to these new flowers, the Dara pack also adds cute creatures ranging from lady bugs to frogs, and revamps the chick to look more accurate to it's real life counterpart; bright yellow with a small beak and a cute small face!

This adorable data pack is certainly all you'll need if you want that spring vibe in your Minecraft world!

Check out these spring critter skins!

Luna moth Minecraft Skin

Luna Moth by Bog-Goblin

Butterfly Minecraft Skin

Butterfly by CrystalKeeper7

Last, but not leas,t there were many submissions that just gave off the spring vibe. For instance, this large castle build titled "Beautiful Flower Castle" by PECORI encompasses spring as a whole! The castle itslef is colorful and vibrant and is surrounded by bees, butterflies and fairies and has flower vines growing up its castle pillars. The castle itself signs on a hexagon island and is surrounded by a pond full of lotus flowers and blooming pink bushes.

See the color in a petal,
feel the warmth from the sun.
Hear the birds in the trees,
taste the wind on your tongue.

Smell the dirt between you toes,
touch the rock behind your back.
Listen to the river as it rolls,
watch the clouds turn black.

Let the rain wash your face,
stomp in puddles just for fun.
Soak up every single drop of life,
until the day is done.
- a poem by Lumi_

~ spring tingz (photography) ~  *spring event entry
Spring photography by xBellaBearx

If you're interested in another spring themed poem, check out xMOOSEx's poem, lovely spring!

We hope you enjoyed this re-cap of our Spring Community Event! Be sure to check out our Summer Event, Sunshine after the Rain, running through the month of June!

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