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The Beginners Guide to Factions.

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Hello PMC!
Today I am writing a blog about how to get around in factions in 5 steps! I hope this is helpful to people who are new to the world of Factions.

Step 1: Find a reliable friend to play with.
Don't automatically ask someone if you can join their faction. It sometimes works, but it is unreliable.
When you meet a friend, try to make a fellow beginner or someone that is in the same boat as you.
Start with something simple.
Ask if they want to build a house together, or ask if they want to team up. This helps make trust, which is something very important in the world of factions.
Make sure you can trust the person. 
I've had many people pretending to be my friend, but soon turning on me and stealing my stuff.
Trust takes time. It is easy to break. If they turn on you, don't trust them.

Step 2. Mine Ores.
Mining is a very important resource in the world of Factions. it helps you imporve your armor, tools and can help strengthen your base. Once you mine diamond, you might have enough to might obsidian! With obsidian you can make a nether portal and build a super powerful base.
Improve your Inventory.
Always strive to improve your inventory. Always improve your armor and your tools when you get the chance.This will help you later on when you are fighting faction wars.
Start a faction.
Create a faction and start gathering people to be your companions on the server.

Step 3. Build a Base.
As you gain more materials, you can improve your base. You can make a sky base or an underground base, it's solely your choice. AS you grow stronger, you can dump lava on the sides to prevent people from getting in. 
Find decent builders.
They don't have to be pro builders, but they should at least make a sturdy base structure.

Step 4. Gain Power.
Gaining power will help make your faction popular and powerful. You can gain power by killing mobs and players. Power can be used to claim more land for your faction.
Recruit Players.
Ask around! They don't bite! (Hopefully) But make sure you can trust them! Do not only invite strong players, but also invite the people who need a faction. They might be weak now, but soon they will get stronger. To make sure you can trust people, tpa them to your base, and if they attempt to hit you, then they are untrustworthy.
Start Raiding!!!!
As you grow more powerful and popular, start raiding! Raiding will help improve your inventory and help you adn your faction get better items. 
Remember, No base is indestructible.
As long as you are clever enough, there is no base that is raid proof. There will always be a loophole. (Hopefully) You can always raid through TNT cannons, tricking people into tpaing you into the base, or infiltrating the faction from the inside.

Step 5. Have Fun! :D
Having fun is what Minecraft is all about! If you get raided, relax, it's just a game! You can always regain the things you lost. But remember, always have fun! What's the point if you are having no fun?

So, PMC, this concludes my guide to factions. 


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Here, here!
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