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The Beginning

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avatar MrOrion
Level 24 : Expert Scribe
I'm standing in my room, thinking about what to do next. Suddenly a knock on the door can be heard, I walk over and open the door. A police officer is standing in the doorway. ¨Hello, would you happen to be Sultan Kingstone?¨, I respond ¨Yes, that would be me. What do you need on this fine day?¨. The police officer says ¨Someone said that you still have something that they said you agreed to have returned it 2 days ago.¨, I say ¨What do you mean? I returned it 2 days ago.¨, The police officer responds, ¨Oh, how strange. I'll tell them then. What did you borrow anyway?¨, I say, ¨I borrowed some tin foil.¨, The police officer nods.¨Well I guess I should leave then, sorry for taking up some time.¨ The police officer then walks away. I mutter to myself, ¨That was weird..¨, I then close the door. I was about to walk back to the couch where I was watching tv before when I hear a creaking on the second floor.

I start walking towards the stairs to investigate, not before grabbing my pistol, just incase. I slowly start up the stairs, When I make it to the top of the stairs I open the door that was between the big room of the 2nd floor and the stairs. It is dark, and I turn on the lights. The room.. Seems to be empty. I walk around to see if there was anything here that would have made the floor creak, There was just my office and some scattered papers. Though the neat stack of papers that were normally on my desk was scattered all over the floor, Though I just think its because of the open window.. Wait, an open window? I don't remember leaving a window open, maybe I just forgot I opened it.

After I went back downstairs strangely the tv had changed channels, maybe because the remote slid off of the couch arm and onto the floor buttons down. I pick the remote up and turn the tv back to the channel that it was on before, I then sit down on the couch and watch the tv for now. Gradually the outside got darker and darker as it became night. I get up and turn off the tv, and walk towards my bedroom, then I get into bed and slowly fall asleep.

I wake up in the middle of the night, maybe it is because the room got too cold or something. I walk out of the room and go to the kitchen to make myself some coffee, after I wake up once I can not fall back to sleep. So I should just get the day going already, I rub my eyes while I wait for the coffee pot to brew the coffee. I decide to go brush my hair and teeth while I am waiting for the coffee to brew, After I brush my hair and teeth I go back to see the coffee has finished brewing. I pour some in a mug and put in the usual milk and sugar, and I put the mug of coffee down on the counter and start the food part of my breakfast, Which consists of pancakes, sausage, and some eggs. After I prepare my food I put the plate down on the table with my mug of coffee.

While I'm eating I turn on my laptop and start working on my school work, I am still in college, but it is winter break right now. I hate that I was given work to do over winter break. Suddenly I hear a knock on my door, Who would be here at this time of night.. Or would it technically be considered the morning? Eh who cares, I open the door. But no one was there.. I did not notice the black sludge that slid in through the edges of the doorway, I close the door and walk back to the dining room and sit back down. The black sludge slowly moves to my bedroom and slides under my bed, I finish my breakfast and wash the dishes. I walk back over to the table and pick up my laptop and then walk over to the couch to work on my schoolwork. A few hours later I have finished my work and put my laptop away, I then put on my work uniform and then walk out my front door, get in my car, and start driving to my job. When I arrive I greet my boss and walk to my counter, I work at a cell phone service shop. Where they fix phones and such. I answer some calls, work on some phones, Just like any other day. Eventually it was time to go home and I say goodbye to my co-workers.

Once I arrived back home it was around 7:30 in the afternoon, I put some random microwavable dinner in the microwave and wait for it to be done. When the microwave beeps I open the microwave door and take out my dinner and set it on the counter. I wait for it to cool down a bit and then start eating, When I finish I throw the container away and wash my fork and put it in the dishwasher. I take off my work clothes and put on my pajamas, and get into bed. And I fall asleep, not aware of the black.. Creature under my bed, While I am sleeping the creature.. Slowly.. Slides out from under my bed and somehow slides up the bed frame and onto the bed, and it slides towards my sleeping self. It slides onto my hand and slowly molds.. No wait, fuses with my hand, it has become a part of me. The next day I wake up with a slight pain in my hand, I look down, nothing seems to be wrong. I just decide to take some pain relievers and get ready for another day of work.

While at work the pain relievers kind of wore off and my hand started hurting again, I ask my boss if I can go home early and he says I can. I get in my car and start driving home, When I arrive home I get out of the car and go inside. I take some more pain relievers and make myself dinner, while I am eating I look at my hand and I see a weird looking black spot, I walk over to the sink and try to wash it off. It won't come off no matter how much I scrub at it. I think maybe it is just like a bruise or something, maybe I hit my hand on something and I just forgot I did. I walk back to the dining room and finish eating, and throw away the trash.

I get in my pajamas after taking my work clothes off, and I get into bed and fall asleep, A few hours later I wake up, it is 2:00 in the morning. Everything is darker than usual, I turn on the lamp. When I look at my hand the black spot has gotten bigger, I rub my eyes and start walking to where my laptop is. I find it and turn it on and start going back to work on my school assignments, I suddenly feel a jolt of pain in my hand and I wince. The black spot on my hand has almost grew to the point where it has enveloped my hand. Then I hear a voice, Hello Sultan Kingstone, You are going to become my.. Host. And there is nothing you can do about it. I yell, ¨No! I refuse to become a host for whatever you are!¨ There is no use fighting Sultan. I almost scream, ¨I don't care I am going to fight anyway!¨, So be it. Suddenly the hand that was now enveloped in black moved by itself and hits my pressure point on my neck, and I pass out.

Wake up Sultan. I wake up, and look around. Everything looks like it was last time. What, did you expect something to be different? The black stuff on my hand had spread up to just before my elbow, I panic and run to try to find something to get it off, You can't separate me from you, Sultan. I start panicking a lot, Then I hear a knock on the door. You should go answer it. I yell at seemingly no one, ¨Since when do I listen to you?!¨, The knock happens again, Fine then, I will do it myself. Suddenly the thing forces me to get up and walk towards the door and open it. ¨What do you want.¨ The thing controlling me asks. One of my neighbors was the one who knocked, ¨Do you happen to have any sugar I could borrow? Also are you are okay? You sound a bit sick?¨ The neighbor says. ¨Yeah I do have some, and I am okay.¨ The thing says. Then the thing goes and gets some sugar and gives it to the neighbor, probably to seem less suspicious. The neighbor thanks ´me´ and walks away. I finally regain control of my body. ¨What the heck thing?!¨ I yell after closing the door. 1. I am not a ´thing´, 2. I believe it is what you humans call ´kindness´. I yell again, ¨What the heck are you then?!¨ I am what you humans call.. A parasite I believe? I have started shaking, I decide to try to grab my phone and call 911, Not happening Sultan. The thing makes me throw my phone to the floor, shattering it. I yell, ¨Dang it! That costed a lot you know!¨. Do you think I care? I groan, ¨I hate you..¨, I can live with that. I just decide to ask this. ¨Do you even have a name..¨, I do. ¨Then what is it.¨ My name is Timothy, Though for short is Tim. But you do not get to call me that, You can only call me Timothy. I ask, ¨Why can't I call you Tim though.¨ Because you do not get to.

While I am making myself some food trying to ignore ́Timothy ́, I finish making my food and sit down with my food and start eating it. Sultan. ̈ ̈What do you want Timothy.¨ What are you doing. ̈ ̈Eating food.¨ Oh. I continue eating, when I hear a knock on the door. I walk over and open the door and.. A guy in an expensive looking suit is standing there! ̈ ̈Do you happen to be.. Sultan Kingstone?¨ He asks, I respond. ̈Yeah, that would be me?¨, He then says, ̈Then you will be coming with me-¨ He gets cut off from Timothy slamming the door in his face, suddenly gunfire can be heard and bullets start flying through the walls. Timothy then forces me to run to the second floor and then go out the open window. Then ́we ́ slide off the roof quietly, And then start running into the forest behind my house.

I quietly ask, ¨Timothy what just happened..?¨, So, I forgot to mention. The government may or may not want to capture me to use me against other countries..? ¨How can you forget something as important as that?!¨ I thought I had lost them by now. I groan, ¨Well I guess my house doesn't exist now.¨ Yep. ¨Then where are we going to stay now.¨ I think I know a place.. ¨Oh? Where would that be then.¨ I'll lead the way. Then ´we´ start walking to someplace I have never heard of. During this the me part of the body falls asleep, eventually I wake up and we.. are in someplace, everything is a shade of grey, black, or white. ¨Where are we?¨ I ask, We are in the place where I kind of lived before I found you. ¨Oh.¨, I then look down and see that where the black part of me was had spread up to my shoulder. You tired? ¨Since when did you care..¨ Since you became my host, So are you or not. ¨No I slept on the way here.¨ Okay. Suddenly I hear voices, ¨I thought this place was safe Timothy?!¨ It normally is. ¨What do we do?!¨ Hide, Duh. I then jump into a bush.

The voices are talking to each other, ̈I think we lost them.¨ ¨You sure?̈ ̈Yeah I'm pretty sure.¨

̈ ̈Okay..̈ The people who were talking come into view, They both seem to be male. One has snow white hair and dull blue eyes, The other had Brown hair and fiery red eyes. Suddenly one turns and looks at the place where we are hiding, ¨I do not think we are alone..̈ Says the white haired one, ̈I thought this place was safe Yuki!̈ Says the brown haired one. ¨I thought it was too!̈”́Yukí Says, ̈Whoever is out there come out!̈”́Yuki yells, ̈Stay back Twig!̈ “Yukí Says.

I slowly step out of the bush, ¨Okay jeez!¨ I say, a bit agitated. ¨Who are you?!¨ ´Yuki´ yells, ¨My name is Sultan¨ I say. ¨Yuki can you stop yelling..¨ ´Twig´ says. ¨Sorry Twig, Also why are you here Sultan.¨ ´Yuki´ says. ¨..Um…¨ I get cut off by Timothy starting to talk, ¨We were running from the government, duh.¨ Yuki starts freaking out, ¨Who said that?!¨ Yells Yuki, ¨I did, obviously.¨ Timothy says. ¨Where is that voice coming from?!¨ Yuki yells. ¨It is coming from.. Technically me but it is not me at the same time?¨ I say, a bit.. Confused? ¨What do you mean?¨ Twig asks, ¨I'll explain, I am basically a parasite that has fused with Sultan´s body.¨ Timothy explains, ¨But aren´t parasites dangerous?¨ Twig asks, confused. ¨That is actually quite racist to parasites, if you did not know. And no, not all of them are.¨ Timothy responds.

All of them are sitting around a fire that I started, Somehow Twig had marshmallows so Yuki and Twig are eating those. ̈So how did you two get here?¨ I ask Twig and Yuki. ¨Me and Twig had been friends for a long time, So one day we were hanging out and then we started hearing gunshots, People were getting killed outside. I decided it was no longer safe, so I rushed myself and Twig out and into the forest. And then we found this place.¨ Yuki explains, A look of.. pain, crosses his face, He seems to be remembering something that hurt him deeply. Twig nods after Yuki explained. Suddenly a rustling can be heard nearby, Everyone suddenly got on guard. Out of nowhere Yuki pulls out what seems to be a katana. Yuki slowly.. Approaches the bush, Cautious.

Something.. Horrifying came out of the bush, It looked human.. But it was not.. Not even close, It had a humanoid figure, but it was mutilated.. Mutilated to the point where it was barely recognizable as even looking human, It´s face was torn apart, it ́s eyes were empty. I could see it could not feel any emotion. It was empty. It could not see, It could not feel, The only thing that it had.. Was it ́s thirst for blood.

The thing pounced, almost getting Yuki. Yuki luckily side stepped out of the way, The thing landing next to him, Timothy took control. He hit the thing, The thing let out a sound of pain. The thing was now focused on us. It tried to tackle me, but I side stepped out of the way. Timothy spotted a gem on the thing ́s back, and punched it. The gem shattered, and the thing collapsed, slowly the thing turned to dust. And a gust of wind blew the dust away.

̈ ̈W..What was that..?¨ Twig stuttered out, terrified. ¨I.. Don ́t know.̈ Yuki responds, ̈It was one of those things the government made to try to mimic what my kind does, though it obviously failed.̈ Timothy says. ̈ ̈Wait your saying that is going to happen to me?!¨ I say in a panicked tone, ̈No. That only happens when the host isn't a perfect fit, That won't happen to you because you are the perfect host.¨ Timothy explains to me. ¨Oh.¨ I say, a bit embarrassed for overreacting.

¨What do we do now?¨ Twig asks, Yuki shrugs. ¨Something is coming.¨ Timothy says out of the blue, in a mere second Yuki pulls out his katana. Ready for battle. A monster like before jumps out of the bush, Yuki rushes at it. Somehow already finding the gem which is it´s weak spot. Yuki hits the gem with his katana and the gem shatters. The monster turns to dust, the breeze blows it away. Twig seemed horrified, Yuki had been so reckless Twig thought he would have died. ¨Twig? Are you okay?¨ Yuki asks, confused on why Twig seemed so horrified. ¨Physically yes, emotionally and mentally no! You scared me a lot Yuki! I thought it was going to kill you!¨ Twig says. ¨I had it handled! There was no need to be scared!¨ Yuki says. ¨Yes there was a need to be scared!¨ Twig yelled ¨WILL YOU ALL STOP YELLING!¨ I yell, annoyed from their argument, ¨Fine jeez..¨ Yuki says, ¨Okay..¨ Twig says, a bit surprised that I yelled. ¨Wow, they are annoying¨ Timothy says in a monotone voice, ¨Hey!¨ Twig says, offended. ¨..am I the only one who has noticed besides for us talking it is absolutely silent?¨ I say, confused. ¨It is rather quiet..¨ Yuki says, agreeing. The ground has started shaking, ¨Am I the only one who feels this..?¨ Twig says, worried. Suddenly a giant monster comes into view, it looks like a dragon! Yuki took out his katana, and rushed at it. ¨Yuki no! That thing is way to big!!¨ Twig said to no avail, the dragon like monster slashed Yuki in the face, Yuki falls to the ground, holding his hand over his left eye, blood seeping from under his hand. ¨I will take care of this.¨ Timothy says, taking over my body. Timothy used his ability to shape one of my arms to a scythe and slashes the gem that was on the dragon's neck, breaking it in two

After the dust blew away Twig rushed over to Yuki, the blood pooled around him. Twig took out a roll of bandages seemingly from nowhere and moved Yuki ́s hand away from his face, retching back, horrified. ̈ ̈Oh god..̈ Twig mutters with his hand over his mouth. Where the dragon hit was mutilated, all that was left was torn flesh and an empty eye socket, the hair from where he was hit was messed up, holes were where hair used to be, ̈Listen Yuki.. to be able to make the bleeding stop I'm going to have to shave the part of your head where it hit.. Okay..?̈ Twig says. Yuki nodded weakly, Twig took out a razor and carefully shaved the part of Yuki ́s head, and wrapped the bleeding tissue and skin with the bandages.

We had set up a campsite where we were, Yuki resting on one of the logs, half of his head wrapped with bandages. ̈ ̈Do you think Yuki will be alright..?¨ Twig asks, worried. I nod, ̈Hopefully..̈ I reply, hoping my answer will make Twig feel a little better. ̈Hey Sultan..? Could I ask you a question..?̈ Twig asks, ̈I guess..?¨ I say, wondering what kind of question he would ask. ̈ ̈What does it feel like..? To have Timothy sometimes take control of your body?¨ He asks, ̈Well.. it's kind of like having my body do things without me telling it to?¨ I say, actually not really knowing an answer.


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