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The Best Bukkit Plugins

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s15c avatar s15c
Level 45 : Master Enderdragon
Well, nobody seems to have really assembled a list of what a server needs. I've been a server owner for some time now and I think I've gotten the hang of this stuff. I decided to assemble a list of what all the new server owners should try and install on their server (if they're running Bukkit, anyway). So without further ado, the list-

Essentials. You can't beat it. It has EVERYTHING a new server should want. Weather, item spawning, spawn location, teleportation, unlimited health mode, time control (ish), server rules, /help command, private messaging, admin viewing private messaging, warps, homes, jails, and some more fun and slightly useless stuff. It's pretty amazing. Takes four .jars to install, but probably the most useful you can have.

MCBans. Global banning is always nice.

BigBrother. Anti-Griefing is also always nice.

CFBanner. Blocks a lot of stuff people use to cheat.

WorldEdit. The greatest single plugin. Ever.

WorldGuard. Almost as good as WorldEdit.

Regios. The best region protection around.

McMMO. Level and skill systems for players.

Factions. If you want factions, use Factions. Pretty simple.

SimpleShop. Either a global shop, or my favorite use is as a limited item spawning system.

HeroicRebuke. An organized player warning system for admins.

ClearInv. Very fancy admin inventory management.

FalseBook. Lots of fun mechanisms and stuff.

LWC. Chest and door protection at its finest.

iConomy. An economy for your server. SimpleShop uses it, and so can a lot of other plugins.

TimeShift. Time control however you think you might want it. Not quite updated but should still work.

So there you have it. All the most useful plugins for a new server owner. If you think I forgot something, leave a comment. Not that much of a hassle to update a blog.

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09/28/2011 8:40 pm
Level 47 : Master Hunter
Po1ntBlank avatar
You really didnt choose Commandbook? It has like commands from a few of these plugins.

I also like Citizens
09/29/2011 10:40 am
Level 45 : Master Enderdragon
s15c avatar
Commandbook is a lot like Essentials, except not as thorough. A lot of these plugins overlap Essentials as well, they just do a better job at it (Regios, TimeShift, WorldGuard, Factions, MCBans, ClearInv, and SimpleShop all are improvements on features that Essentials already has).

Citizens is nice but it doesn't have too much of a purpose for mechanics, so it doesn't make the list.
09/29/2011 10:49 pm
Level 47 : Master Hunter
Po1ntBlank avatar
i got that, except I have to disagree with you about essentials. Teht hing about essentials, is there is so much you cannot turn off. And with esentials for example, you can only time day/night, not times, or locking times. There is no Thor, Shock, Slay, etc. There is some cheap economy system built in that doesnt work very well, and if you set too many nodes to something like worth of an item, it doesnt load properly, and finally, it can crash if used with worldedit
09/30/2011 6:48 pm
Level 45 : Master Enderdragon
s15c avatar
You will note that I included better time plugins as well as iConomy, and Essentials has TWO commands for killing/slaying, a /lightning command for shock, and I have no idea what Thor is but I can naturally assume that's casting down lightning by the swing of the hand, all you have to do is have a piece of glowstone and the permission node to use it.
09/30/2011 11:52 pm
Level 47 : Master Hunter
Po1ntBlank avatar
Just want to reassure the point that I am not trying to argue here, just stating my opinion.

i see that since the last time I used it, Essentials has changed a lot. The only thign, is with WorldEdit, it crashes more frequently, as said by the creator of both Essentials and WorldEdit
10/01/2011 11:03 am
Level 45 : Master Enderdragon
s15c avatar

Lol, all good. I've not experienced any crashes with Essentials/WorldEdit, but if it starts happening I'll definitely look into that.
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