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The Biggest Issue With the 1.19 Update

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IsIttRusty avatar IsIttRusty
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Let's make this clear this is not about the missing fireflies or the birch forests. This is about the new update being offensive now I am very anti cancel culture and I don't think that this should start any riot but I do believe that there is an exciting conclusion that can be tied with the new update and 1850s American South. The update features a new swampy humid biome which is similar to Georgia and Flordia. Along with that, they added a little blue creature that likes music and after you free them you give them an item and they will pick it up and either drop it for you or a music box. Then after that, I do a little dance and chime while it's working. While I am not the one to call everything racist I think that this might be an overreaction it sounds pretty racist to me.

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