The Black Flag Is Born

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The Black Flag Is Born

It was the beginning of the 16th Century. It was in a small fishing village covered in snow. A blizzard was going through the land freezing any innocent bystander’s soul until they reached the afterlife.

The faint orange glow coming from the Chief’s Hut had colored the walls orange and the sizzling of the fire could be heard anywhere in the hut. In the deep dark night a scream was heard it was a baby

Boy. He had dark hair, darker than any night. He had the most terrifying eyes, Eyes reminding the deep hell beneath the ocean. This boy was not a ordinary boy, He was destined to become the chief one day.

Years Passed by and the boy grew and grew. He learned a lot of skills that would help him survive and protect everyone he loved. The boy would go fishing with his father and the men in the village.

On one day they were to go fishing as winter was coming and food was low in the village and some villagers fell sick of starvation. The boy had overslept and they left without him, He was woken up by a huge explosion and a stench of gunpowder. He ran out, he ran to the docks. The boy was shocked to see the village in flames and a ship with black sails, they were shooting their cannons.

The cannons had destroyed most of the village. Anyone who survived was taken as a slave and brought to the ship. The once courageous boy was ripped of his family and courage. The ship was huge but the quarters were the slaves slept were small in size and not everyone could sleep at the same time.

The boy woke up very early but he couldn’t see a thing as the fog was too thick to see through. But in the distance a light was seen and the ship was slowly moving towards the land.

The ship docked and they started moving the slaves to the docks. The city looked like it was from a fable, everywhere was sand and the heat was not for everyone. They forced the slaves to go on a wooden platform in the center of the town.

[this is a preview of a small book im planning on making]
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