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The Bloody Room

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Bloodhorror avatar Bloodhorror
Level 15 : Journeyman Network
One time I was in my bed and the chill that made me never wakeup forever ended and I got up and my family is still not here and some reason my family isn't here forever and I don't know where my family is and I saw a door that wasn't on my wall for a long year and some reason I don't know how that door appeared and the door was made of out of iron and some reason the door have appeared and I saw the door was close and it was posted to require a key but doesn't inquire key and I tried to open the door but wasn't able to open and it was impossible to open and it won't open and it didn't matter how hard I try to open the door and I knew the door had four holes and I tried to see the door holes and I see darkness in the door and the lights of the room of the door turned on and I tried to open it and it can open now when the lights turned on and I tried to go in but the room is scary and the room has blood all everywhere and the room had iron bar windows and the door disappeared and I'm stuck in this bloody room and I heard A monster noise and a blood monster tried to kill me quickly and I died and when I died I was teleported to a another different bloody room and my legs was roped up hanging from the ceiling and I I tried to look up with me upside down and I saw a grinder it's blood all everywhere on it and then someone cut off my rope and then I found the grinder and then I got grind up into bloody flesh and guts and gore

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