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The Bunny.

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avatar FiveNights_Master31
Level 1 : New Miner
WARNING don't do this...He will appear...Take over your Mind.
Chapter 1
I am a beta tester for FNAF VR. I walk up to freddy and his friend's, "old times at fazbear ent huh?" I saw them in the game. But then when i went on the west hall, a bunny sized animatronic was waving at the camera then i turned off that monitor, he was in the window.

A story by: FiveNights_Master31

He looked directly at the window weirder then bonnie and chica, like i was a puppet...so i closed the door but that wouldn't make him go away like bonnie or chica. So i just ran out but then he jumpscared me with bonnies when i wasn't even in the game..."Hey." I heard a small voice say that. Sounding like Jeremy's. And i saw Jeremy fall to the ground bleeding to death. Huh? I grabbed an axe..... I will get vengeance. Someday.
CreditImage: Scott Cawthon

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06/20/2019 9:36 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Chapter 1 is not finished, be toon for new updates
(Such as a new story)

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