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avatar Darth Spookoden
Level 30 : Artisan Magical Boy
Ok guys, this is my entry for the Blog contest!

Hope ya like it! :D

Down below in the depths of the deep, deep water, is the once proud City of Los Angeles.

Nobody thought that this hustle and bustle city would soon be drowned in the depths below.

This is a story, a tale, of mirth and woe.

It begins with a story that seemed to happen only in a video game,

But it ends with the tragedy coming to life in Los Angeles.

Let us begin, shall we?


It all started off with a young boy, about 13, playing Minecraft.

This young boy was OBSESSED with Minecraft. He played it 24/7, 365 days a year ever since it came out.

He did Survival Mode, where you survive throughout the whole game of Minecraft, with mining in deep, deep caves, fighting off scary monsters and building with limited resources.

He also did a new... Creative Mode, where you don't die, you can FLY, AND you have UNLIMITED resources.

He built all SORTS of things in Creative mode, from towns to cities, huts to towers, and
underwater creations to Sky creations.

This young child was super creative, hence, being in Creative Mode.

But what he DID NOT know, is that one of his builds will cause the Los Angeles Tragedy.

When he was surfing the web one day, desperately trying to find a website to post his creative builds.

With hours and hours of searching, he finally found a website.

It was called Planet Minecraft, a fansite for Minecrafters.

The child was delighted! He could finally post his builds!

He wanted to know how to sign up and join the thousands of people who already did.

Then, he found it. Right up in the corner.

He clicked it.

And signed up. He even got to choose a username for himself!

The boy racked his brains for a good username.

Then he found one. It clicked in is head, like a light switch.

He entered in his name and signed up.

He rifled through PMC to find the place to post his builds.

The 13-year-old finally found it, in the PROJECTS section.

He clicked "upload", found old screenshots of his build, entered in 3D World Viewer, and clicked "Save".

His project was uploaded and now available for everyone to see! The boy was delighted!

But the child's project, would eventually be used for something dark. Very dark.

The boy did not know this until AFTER it happened.

His project? The sunken city of Los Angeles. In Minecraft.

This same project was used to destroy and sink Los Angeles.

The person who plotted and executed Los Angeles, plus seeing the boy's project, was Rickal Donagon. More on that later.

The boy was now getting views comments and diamonds and whatnot.

Everyone was liking this boy's builds! The boy is overjoyed!

But then, one day, on July 1st, 2031, Rickal Donagon found this boy's build.

Now, Donagon hated LA and wanted it teared to pieces. So when he found the boy's project, he sparked an idea.

Why not use this build, and make it come true?

Rickal was known for blowing up stuff, so it seemed like a good idea to him.

He started plotting his plan to blow up LA, making experiments and buying his explosives.

Now, your probably wondering 2 things: Why does he hate LA, and what's his plan?

Well first, lemme give you the details of the plan.

His plan was to dig a gigantic hole under LA, put thousands of bombs under it, in broad daylight, at exactly 12:00 PM, August 31st. He would set off the bombs, and down goes the city.

Crazy, right? But it worked later, with lots and lots of time and ingenuity, it worked.

And why does he hate LA? No one knows, so I can't give you that reason.

Then, on August 30th, the day before the tragedy, he starts digging and digging around LA, so everything would sink.

Now, your wondering again, how the heck does he dig a hole THAT big???

Well, this is the future, 2031. There is new technologies. One of those is a ultra-digger. Rickal bought that and used it.

It took him 7 hours to dig out the hole and place the bombs. At night.

Then, August 31st, at 12:00 PM:


The bombs go off, and the city collapses into the water below.

18 million people died that day. No one survived the huge disaster.

A few days later, the boy received the news:


The boy was so shocked and confused. How the in the world did that happen?!

He looked at his LA Underwater build and was shocked to see it looked EXACTLY like the disaster.

Then that's when the boy realized:

This guy used my build and made it happen in real life.

The boy was so embarrassed and so shocked that he DELETED his builds, made a ticket to delete his ACCOUNT, and left PMC forever.

Meanwhile, Rickal was overjoyed! LA was gone, and his bad memories with it!

But then he realized: The authorities are going to be after him! He better run!

And Rickal did, but the law caught up with him and sent him to Death Row.


And so, that is our story of The Tragedy Of Los Angeles.

It was full of mirth, despair and woe.

No happy endings, always sad endings...

And that concludes this (kinda) brief story.

This story has 905 words and 5375 characters.

Please diamond and favorite!


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  • BioPowered
  • Level 39
  • Artisan Engineer
  • July 27, 2018, 6:40 am
Cool cool. Only it would destroy the city and not drown it.
  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Professor
  • July 23, 2018, 6:04 pm
This is a very creative story, Theoden, but I just realized something... Rickal sounds eerily similar to the word, "Rickroll," which can only mean one thing...

Me and the city of Los Angeles unintentionally got Rickrolled! Gosh dangit.
heck yeah get rickrolled

i know why he hates LA
it's too hot
thats not the reason xd
its a joke
rip los angeles

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