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The Christmas Horseshoe

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avatar super__derp
Level 7 : Apprentice Fish
                    The Christmas Horseshoe
By Super Derp

Once upon a time, the Kraddle family had to go to a farm for Mr.Kraddle's work. The farm was far away from their home. The Kraddle children wanted to be home for Christmas. How could Christmas be enjoyable on some boring farm? When they finally arrived at the farm, the old farmer greeted them. The community seemed to be very poor. How could Christmas be enjoyable with terrible Christmas gifts? Mr.Kraddle started talking with the farmer, and Mrs.Kraddle had to call her office on her phone. It was as if Billy Kraddle and Mary Kraddle were invisible to their parents. How could Christmas be enjoyable without their parents? Their answer awaits them.

  Billy and Mary were terribly bored. They went inside the barn, where all the animals were. The Kraddle children walked around in circles. SLIP! Billy slipped on some sort on some sort of metal. The piece of metal hit the wall and dashed back to them like a boomerang. Poor Mary got hit in the head, with the piece of metal dropping on her foot as well. 'Be careful, that horseshoe is a pesky one!' exclaimed someone at the entrance of the barn. It was the farmer. The Kraddle children told him all about how their Christmas is ruined and how they wanted to have Christmas at their house. The farmer picked up the piece of metal, it was a horseshoe. The farmer told them all about the Christmas Horseshoe.

A long time ago, there was a different farmer. The farmer owned many horses. His family told him that they would be coming to his farm on Christmas Eve, but there was a huge snowstorm. His family couldn't make it. The farmer was really sad. He would be bored, sad, and lonely on Christmas. While he was cleaning horseshoes, he saw something in one specific horseshoe. Something magnificent. Something magical. The farmer saw his reflection, but he also saw everything he wanted. He saw many gifts under the Christmas tree, he saw a delicious feast, he saw his family. The farmer cleaned this horseshoe, and stored it safely inside the barn. The farmer went to sleep with a smile on his face. When he woke up, he was surprised. He saw many gifts under Christmas tree, he saw a delicious feast, he saw his family. The farmer was really happy. It was everything he wanted for Christmas. He wondered how this was even possible. He looked outside, the snow cleared up.

  Do you want to know how this is possible? The farmer wasn't greedy. He only wanted his family for Christmas. Most people would simply want a fancy car, the best video games, and piles of gold. If he were to wish for those things instead of something simple, like family, he wouldn't have seen anything but himself. Good things come to those who wait, yes that is true, but great things come to those who aren't greedy, is true as well.

Once upon a time, the Kraddle family had an amazing Christmas at a place far from home. It isn't the food, nor the gifts. It's the joy, and it's family. The end.

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