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The Colors and it's art!

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avatar Nitgo
Level 29 : Expert Pixel Puncher
Art. A very strange, sometimes fascinating Topic to talk about. Art can eat away from a person, or add to a persons personality! Art is also a way of communication such as the Bio-Hazard Sign.
The Bio-Hazard Sign.

There are also types of art That Convey A massage only by color they are very simple yet meaningful. It helps give info more easily And it consists of mostly 2 colors such as this:

2 color Art

The previous image gave a meaning about human activity,and its effect on the environment. Blue in most arts convey sadness, Red mostly conveys Love, or Anger Yellow conveys happiness, and green conveys strangeness or life. Our perception of those feelings though is shaped by the place we live in, and the culture we use. It's called "Human relativity"! Let me give you an example: Let's say that someone was living in a country that has faceless people for all his life, and he is the only one there that has a face. He will think that he is the one who looks Weird, and different from others although for us he looks normal and the others look strange, it's because we lived with people who have faces all our lives that's why we think that having a face is normal.

It's an unusual thing isn't it? Oh, also this article Was Written by: Nitgo.

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