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The Cure for a Zombie is ...


A infected zombie villager with the splash potion and apple givin to him

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Level 24 : Expert Engineer
Today I will tell you about how to cure the zombie affect from zombie villagers. First you need to go mining and get 8 gold ingots. ( Unless a fan of sky who would already have the ingots ) With those ingots that took you hours to find make a normal golden apple. This will not work with a tier 2 apple. After you got that apple put it away and go to the nether. Once there go to the local nether fortress and kill a blaze, taking his rod and combining it with cobble to make a potion brewing stand. After that learn how to make a splash potion of weakness. Now that you have those items get them both and go up to any undead who where once villagers. Hit the use button with the apple on the zombie villager and throw your splash potion at him too. Now he will begin to make a hissing sound and have bubbles coming from him. After waiting a couple of years he will turn back into that useless villager that tries to rip you off will emerald deals. ( Emeralds are rarer than diamond ) Trust me if you did any of this you are a total NOOB. Not only does it take a lot of time and effort, but the villager can also die while doing this. Yep you can spend these items and he can die with them and you loss them. I just thought you guys should know that. Another thing that confuses me is how did the villager change there robe into a zombie stevie shirt in the time of death. Also just to say there is still no cure for the not so smart villagers bye them self.

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