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The Cursed Treasure

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avatar Daniele1912
Level 46 : Master Engineer
I found them to an abyss of loneliness, I looked at every day from that cliff a kingdom that so despised but now much regret. A curse fell upon me, a people who so insulted now dream of loving them. For greed walked away from the kingdom in search of a treasure on an island overlooking the kingdom that would change his life forever, a bloody spoils of which I speak the witch that I met on the way, I warned and warned me 'that if I had touched a single coin of that booty I would be turned into a ghost trapped on the island and never get out of it, but I did not give her a straight and continued the journey with my army. We came to the island and what I met was a desolate valley full of dead animals, individuammo the ship where he lived the cursed treasure, we approached and darkness fell over the whole kingdom, the company's soldiers felt disoriented but I continued , we entered into the ship and found hundreds of sheets with the words << go away! >> but we still addentrammo more and found ourselves in front of a door composed gives skeletons which was under a spell, and it was necessary to continue shedding their blood in a silver chalice I order my troops to wait outside and I entered alone, when the door opened I found myself in front of a room covered over all the precious gems that a male can imagine including: emeralds, diamonds, rubies and sapphires and I found myself closer I got a mountain of gold coins to those more a chill to the salt back but I did not make me into fear and touched them taking bags of bags, then I called the guards to let me help you carry no risponderono then left the ship and what I saw was an expanse of black powder, the curse turned all the troops in darker black powder coal I got scared and ran to the boats but every step that I was moving away from the more I felt heavy and tired ship and the view was beginning to blur, I fainted and after some time I woke up and I immediately thought of what he said the witch. Days passed, weeks, months, my mind was deteriorating and continuing on that road would take me definitely insane, I saw black in celo for months I could not remember the color of the sky a dense white fog on the sea and a dense color black in celo, cried and cried for months and those months .One day in the black and conceal the thick fog on the coast vanished and I began to see the sky a beautiful blue color as never before had seen it before, I was so happy to be loving everyone was there and I saw him a kingdom that so wept that my lack of lanterns launched to hope in my back a people whom I so much despised in the end I love praying for my return. I saw a boat approaching the island and was the witch that I met on my way to the island .Scese the boat and stared at me looking into my eyes and said << how it feels to be alone because of your greed? >> I asked forgiveness but she told me to free me from the curse and that only a true act of generosity would break the spell, then I turned and looked the kingdom tossing lanterns for the hope of my return and decided to surrender all My heritage exaggeration to them and I would not be ever more greedy and that I would never selfish and cold, but I looked forward to a more open life and generous and I never made wars for money or land, the witch looked at me and << I said I'll give you three days time to return to the kingdom and to confess publicly asking forgiveness for your greed and promise wealth to all the people >> I said that my promise would be faithful I got in gear to kingdom and what I met was a resounding welcome from all the people I do not I have never felt so happy and at home at that moment I loved everyone, but not only that they would be my salvation but for that I loved them at that time I felt at home, a people who once hated for my greed and selfishness now I loved him more than myself .Chiesi forgiveness to the people and asked for my resignation, if them would accept my forgiveness and decided to let me stay at throne promised wealth to the poor and help the needy through these gestures, the curse was broken and I never did more than gestures greed or selfishness and drove the kingdom to peace and love
forgive me for my English not very fair but unfortunately not being native English speakers could make mistakes thanks for your attention
excuse me if I had to reload the story but having written in Italian went against one of the contest rules. Thanks for the attention

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Good Luck Mate
  • Daniele1912
  • Level 46
  • Master Engineer
  • March 29, 2017, 12:32 pm
Thank You very much
You're welcome.
  • Daniele1912
  • Level 46
  • Master Engineer
  • March 29, 2017, 9:02 am
excuse me if I had to reload the story but having written in Italian went against one of the contest rules. Thanks for the attention
  • striker107
  • Contest Judge
  • Level 23
  • Expert Blacksmith
  • March 30, 2017, 3:06 am
It's alright, and I have returned your lost diamond.

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