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The Destiny of Household Items- The Heroes Who Changed The World- Part 1

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avatar Darth Spookoden
Level 29 : Expert Lego Builder
HI guys!

Welcome to Part 1 of:

The Destiny of Household Items- The Heroes Who Changed The World

Now, sit back, relax, and read the story!

There once was a bottle of ketchup,
Named Leo.
He thought was always being treated unfairly,
With people squeezing his body,
And comes out his delicious blood,
Made of tomatoes.
One day, Leo thought,
"I hated being treated unfairly!
And I want to do something about it!"
But what could Leo do?
After all he is just a bottle of ketchup.
But then, a toaster came to him and said
" I couldn't help but listen to what you were saying,
And I think you are right. We are treated unfairly!"
But Leo said
" What do you mean? Do you think YOU are being
Treated unfairly?"
The toaster said "Yes, I am treated unfairly."
But Leo said "But.. but you're a TOASTER! You make bread!
And by the way, what is your name?"
The toaster said "When people look at me, they say
'Oh, it's a toaster! It must be really puny'
And my name is Bush."
That is when Leo got it. Then Leo asked:
"What other things you can do besides make toast?
Bush said "I can walk/slide. It is hard, though, and I can read really fast."
Then Leo questioned "Is that ALL you can do?"
Bush replied "Yeah, basically. So, what do you want to do about the 'Treated unfairly thing'?"
Leo replied "I dunno. Make so that we are respected more?"
Bush questioned "How are we going to do that?"
All of a sudden, a voice came out of nowhere and said
"I believe I can help."
Leo and Bush turned around and saw a headset.
Leo asked "What do you want?"
The headset replied" I want to help, because I agree with you."
Bush asked "What is your name?"
The headset said "My name is Vert."
"Vert?" asked Leo
Vert said "Yes, Vert. I don't care if you think it's funny."
Then Bush cut in, saying "How can you help us?"
Vert replied "I know a couple of friends who can hack."
Leo asked fearfully "W-who are they?..."
Vert said "They are government workers. Don't worry, they won't hurt you."
Bush said with a tone of confusion "What's a 'government worker'?"
Vert slaps himself "Oh, brother..."
Then Leo got back on topic saying:
"How can these 'government workers' help us get more respect?"
Vert replied "They can use me to broadcast to the whole world."
Bush questioned "Where are they?"
Vert said "They are far away, in this secret place."
Bush again questioned "How do we get there?"
Leo cut in, saying "I think I know a way."
Vert and Bush asked "How?"
Leo replied "A thing called a 'cab'. It goes down my place all the time."
Bush questioned "How do do we get to this 'cab'?"
Leo answered "By sliding, what you do."
Bush said "But.. but I am not good at it!"
Vert said "It is our only hope. Let's do it."
So Leo and Vert got on to Bush back.
"All right, let's see if I can make it!"
Bush pushed and pushed, until he finally made it to the door.
"Yes, we made it!" exclaimed Leo and Vert.
But then Bush asked "How will we open the door?"
Leo replied "I have an idea. So, what we will do is, Vert, you can on top of my head. Then, Bush, you climb all the way up on top of Vert's head. They you try to reach for the doorknob and pull."
Vert said "Sounds like a plan!"
So, they did Leo's idea, and they managed to get the door open.
They stepped outside, into the outside world.

Part 2, coming soon!

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