The Discovery of the Nether [ Tales from the Nether ]

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Chapter 1 - Obsidian

There was no light... But we kept going. Kept digging. Deeper and deeper... It seemed like there was no end...
Until a voice came from beside me.
"What is that?"

Filled with curiosity, I ran over, being cautious not to trip on any stones. There's a light down there...
"Well don't just stand there, let's go!" I said.

We walked over to the light to see what it was. A bat flew over our heads scared. We wondered what it was scared of, but we were focusing on the mysterious light.

"Is that lava?!?" Pick said.
"What is that?" I whispered to myself.

Something was glowing in the light the lava was emitting.

"It looks green..." Pick said curiously.
"That looks like a Creeper..."
Its skin started turning lighter and lighter. A hissing sound was coming from its mouth.
"RUN!" I yelled as hard as I could!

Pick took a bucket from his backpack and picked up some of the lava cautiously and ran! I looked back only to see the Creeper had blown up. Lava was thrown at us!

"Take cover!"

After all was quiet, we came out from cover. We saw pieces of the Creeper's skin scattered throughout the cave. I bent down to gather some of the lava while Pick was gathering the Creeper parts. I kept gathering more and more lava until I saw something under it... I commanded Pick to come here. We worked together to get the lava out of the way. We saw some sort of rock under it. I pulled out my iron pickaxe and started mining it.

"It's too dense," I said.
"we need something stronger."

"Here, I brought a diamond pickaxe"

Together we started collecting what we called, Obsidian.
Once we gathered all of it, we started our journey to the surface.

Chapter 2 - The Portal

Once we made it back to our base, we started coming up with ideas on how to use it.
We tried using it for Redstone, building, interior design, decoration, furniture, doors, and many other ideas. Nothing was working.

"Well, why don't we try to think of what's special about it?" Pick suggested.
"Do you have any ideas?" I replied.
"Well, it's obviously dense."
"Obviously..." I replied.
"It's rare. Ahah! Is it flammable?"

"Is it flammable? We found it under LAVA!"
"Well, I don't see you coming up with any ideas."
"Fine, let's go see if it's flammable..."

We went to prepare. We had a special room for experiments. We place the Obsidian in the middle of the room and lit it.

"Wow, what a surprise... Nothing happened." I said while walking towards the door.
"What now?"
I turned around to see it emitting some sort of purple effect...
"What is that?" Pick said.
"Go get some more Obsidian..."
"On it." Pick replied.

We placed the Obsidian on top of each other 5x4. My boredom had completely disappeared.

"Alright, light it!" I commanded.

The blocks formed some kind of barrier. The barrier was purple with swirls in it and it was emitting purple fairies. Pick reached out his hand for it.

"Wait!" I yelled.

But it was too late, he already touched it. His body slowly started to turn brighter and brighter until it vanished. I quickly grabbed my armor, some food, and a sword. I walked towards the portal. Right when I was about to touch it, Pick appeared covered in dust.

Chapter 3 - The Nether

"Are you okay?"
He looked terrified.
"Yeah...I'm fine..."

I took him to his bed and let him rest.

It was the next morning. Pick looked much better. We had already talked about what it was like in there. He said it looks like hell.
It was red and had deformed pigs with swords he called Zombie Pigmen walking around. There were pools of lava everywhere. Lava was dripping from the ceiling too. It sounded terrifying. I had asked him if he wanted to go in there again and he immediately replied saying no.

Pick was eating an apple in the kitchen. I was keeping my eyes on the Portal. I kept thinking about how Pick described what we are calling, the Nether. I put down my book, stood up, and entered the room with the Portal. I took out a piece of paper and a pencil and started sketching the Portal. I walked towards it to get a better look, but the temptation was too much. I dropped the paper and pencil and reached my hand out for the Portal.

I touched it... I touched the Portal... It felt strange... It didn't hurt... It felt like I was in water... It felt, good... Then it started hurting...more and more... The water was slowly turning into lava. It burned. Then, all of the feelings went away... And I was in, the Nether...

If this gets 5 diamonds I will make a part 2.
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