The Diversity Of Minecraft

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avatar TwilightWarlord
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Minecraft is one of the most diverse games world wide.
It inspires your imagination to go wild and build what you see fit. much can we do? Will there ever be a limit?


I was watching videos by ACtennisAC and Sethbling the other day and thought "Will there ever be a limit?"
I wondered if there is something we cannot do, that we can't improvise.
I thought 'Well we cant make a bread maker" but in all fact mods allow us to do so.

So with the help of mods there really isn't any end.
These clever people making MC better by the minute, coding and working.
And this makes me wonder.. WIl MC ever get replaced by the mods made by fans?

This is a minor possibility. But when we think about it, they could make there own... i mean take people like MrCrayfish, he made an amazing mod, that really, if many minecrfters get together they could make there own version.


Minecraft's major thrive is within mods. With them we can do anything
And i bet there will be a major influence in further updates from mods.
If Minecraft Ever comes to an end, i bet moders will continue to build on it.
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