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The Dragon Arrow - Episode 1 The Job

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The Dragon Arrow - Episode 1 The Job

Once a time there was a city ...
They said it was the Holy City ...
The name of the village was : the Holy City Of Rabona
It was 1563 The Middleages . On the walls of the city Rabona
There where paladin`s and bowman`s . One of the bowman`s was
Steve . He was the leader of al the bowman`s that
where protecting the southeast gate .
When he was done with his work another he climbed down a ladder.
And came in the secret entrace where they could come on top of
the wall.
When he walked trough the city his iron boots maked a lot of noise on
the stone floor . His cape was swinging at every step he took .
When he walked trough the city almost everyone greeted him .

Ah hello Steve``how you`re doing
Steve : Im fine how are you
The same ` greet your wife for me
Steve : I will

He was very loved . Mostly because he was nice to others .
When he came to his home his wife embraced him .

Steve : Hello Honey , Had a fine day ?
Steve`s Wife : Steve there is a problem ...
Steve : What ,
Steve`s Wifes grabbed a paper from the wooden table
and said : Look ...
Steve : Our house is getting selled if we dont pay our bill ?
Steve : We can pay that `Nothing to worry
Steve`s Wife : Well Look at how much ...
Steve : .... 11,895,23 dollars? how can it be so much!
Steve`s Wife : I dont now either .

Its quiet for a while ...

Steve : Well with my job i cant get that much in a month .
Steve : I need to do an extra job `
Steve : Il be right back ... im going check the job board at the inn
Steve`s Wife ; Okay then ...

Steve walks out the door and goes to the inn .
This time he was very serious .
He didnt greet back to anyone .

At the in he saw a job that could help him

Dragon hunter

10.000.00 dollars

Steve : Hmm this could be good where can i find this man

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