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The Dream of Love

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What is love?
Some say love is buying each other things to make them happy, but that's when your wrong. Love is the trust you put in someone that can share each other thoughts and feelings for who they are and not for material objects. Love is not a game its earned by TRUST and patience.

For I have come to tell you a poem of the Dream of love

At last I have found the one
to whom she realize
long hair, blue eyes, her beauty defines
as no other, could deny
Her spirit is pure like a lady bug cure
I pray that she will be nice

At last I have found the one
to whom she realize
Her aroma attracts me like honey
Unlike no other girl you don't care about money
That's why i will make you mine
We share a smoothie and don't forget the cream
As sunsets, quick we both kiss like it was a dream <3

By shadowCypher

and that is my poem for The dream of love! hope you guys enjoyed reading it ;)

And let me know in the comments if i should do a blog on Valentines (story, poem) :D

02/02/2021 5:57 pm
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Vincent Sharp
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02/02/2021 8:12 pm
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Wannabe FallOutBoy
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thanks :D
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