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The Dream Realm [Minedeas] (Huge) [25th Place]

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The Diamond Creeper avatar The Diamond Creeper
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This is my entry for the "Minedeas" contest. I've been thinking about "The End" in Minecraft, and how well they caught the environment. And then I got an idea- Something that could be intractable only if you set it up correctly- The Dream Realm. I have other ideas that will be posted in this blog, but I will be mostly focused in The Dream Realm, as it's the best idea that I had thought of.

The Dream Realm

The Dream Realm will have 3 different difficulties. It will depend on what mode you set it on. Hard Mode will have the same difficulty of Hardcore mode. Easy will obviously be the easiest difficulty, Normal being intermediate. In the options, you could say "Yes" or "No" in have the Dream Realm. If you try to go to sleep in shelter with no torches, it will send you to the nightmare realm (50% chance that it will or not). Of course it will only have this 50% chance if you set the options in this topic to "Yes". In the Nightmare realm you get full iron armor and a diamond sword, and you fight through waves of mobs. Your hunger will never run out.

There will be different maps for each biome. Each of them will have something to do with the biome that you're in- For example, if you're in a desert then there'll be cactus that's hard to avoid, a the same time you'll be fighting off mobs. With snow biomes there'll be There'll be tall trees that you have to run around and avoid so you can fight all the mobs. When you get further into the dream world's waves, then you will see more Steves, and they'lI help you fight off the mobs. Also, if you have a tamed wolf in your house, then it will also help you kill the mobs. If your wolf dies, then in the real Minecraft world all you do is feed it some cooked meat and it's back to full health.

If you die in the nightmare, then when you wake up you lose half of your health, regardless of the armor that you may have. The Dream Realm doesn't always have to be bad- For example, if you have The Dream Realm on and you have torches in your shelter, then you'll dream of something good. For example, there'll be a 25% chance that you'll dream something with torches, and if you do, then you dream of glorious cake or cookies. Good dreams don't last too long- it's just for a good laugh/entertainment. The nightmare on the other hand, it'll last all the way through night. You keep all exp/items that you earn through the nightmare- even if you die.



Forest Biome nightmare. (Final Wave)

All Items Dye/Spray Paint

This was another one of my ideas- Dying food. Let's say you're in a faction war. You know where the enemies' base is and they haven't protected their chests. The chests have nothing in them, because the faction members are holding it all. Eventually they forget about the chest not being protected, and put in all their iron/diamond gear inside of it. You take it all, and dye iron things to look like diamond gear. You also see lots of cooked food- you take it, and replace it with raw meat, but it looks the same because you dyed it so it looks like it's cooked. You could dye raw chicken into the cooked color, and then it'll occasionally poison that faction's members. When you first dye food or any items in general, then it'll still have the name that it originally had.

But, you can go to an Anvil and spend enchantment levels to rename it to what you want it to look like. This could be used as trolling, because you could get a wooden sword and "Paint" it to be a diamond color, and in result have others run away from you when they in reality have better gear. This would prevent trolling as well, because spawn campers would back off if it seems like you have full diamond gear. I'm not particularly thinking that this is my best idea, but I figured that I could improve it later.


Holiday Celebrations

It would be interesting if Minecraft could add special events for holidays. For example, Christmas is around the corner. They could have Christmas trees scattered around NPC villages and have gifts under them- AKA single chests with one thing in them. There could be lots of gifts, but the things inside could have little value, or there could be one gift with diamonds or something like that, to balance it out.

For Easter, that's easy. They hide different colored eggs that can be placed around the world, and there would be 10 in each small biome, 30 for each big one. Inside of each egg there will be cookies/ingredients for cake. This would resemble to a scavenger hunt. There would also be a basket in a single biome where you spawn. Deep underground, or high above trees- it randomly generates. The basket would be a chest, and inside of it it would contain somewhat valuable items. The chests would also have randomly spawned items inside of it, the most basic one having 16 iron, 4 gold, and a single diamond. It could be balanced around that. For example, there may be 2 diamonds and that's it. Maybe there's 24 iron ingots and that's all. There would be a balanced system between the 3 items.

Halloween would be simple. They would just make the default texture pack make armor look like a costume. Dye would make different costumes. (Leather) Since they can easily make transparent texture packs that work for Minecraft, they could make just about any shape. They could include an option for costumes to be available or not. Maybe to show their holiday spirit they could have a chest with all different dye colors available dyed on full leather armor. You pick one and that's your costume. It can't be anything too complicated- because that would ruin the simplistic feel of Minecraft.

All holidays could celebrate similar to the information that I've given. The options to celebrate them would be the week in the middle of the holiday. (The Christmas celebration would have 3 days of celebration before it, it would be in the middle, and 3 days after it would end)


Designing Your Own Paintings

I've always loved paintings in Minecraft. They made houses look more... Well, homely. But one of the things that I was occasionally disappointed was the designs. Then I had an idea- With dye/paint you would be able to design your own painting. You first place the regular painting, and it has one of the original designs. Let's say you're not happy with it and don't want to have to reset it over and over again to try and have it the one that you want. You right click it, and it'll go to an option screen, similar to the book and quilt- Saying "Would you like to design this painting?" and "Yes/No". If you select yes, then you can paint your own design, and decide your size.

I personally hate games that include paint and have terrible controls. So each dot you use would be a square- but not a small pixel, because it would take hours and hours just to make a simple picture. You can select the size of square that you want. (Big, Normal, or Small) If you make the painting just out of small pixels, then it'll have good detail, but it would take longer. The different sizes are for people (like me) who have impatience and just want to get things done. I think that this would be a cool way to decorate your house- it'll make each one different from the others if you decide to make one.

XBAZrjpg(Custom Painting)

Tutorial Servers

Everybody's been a noob at one point of playing Minecraft. Some people don't know resources available, so this would be a way to fix it: There are "x" amounts of tutorial servers, where there's an NCP that guides you. Multiple people can be on a single tutorial server at once, but the chatting would be restricted to prevent spammers from having noobs stop learning. The NCP would guide you from crafting, blocks, shelter, mobs, and just about anything important. There would be portals in the spawn and they each have a tutorial topic. One of them would be "Everything", and that's where you'll learn... Well, everything. (Self explanatory) There would be topics like "Brewing (Potions)", "Crafting", "Mobs", and things like that. It may be time consuming, but I'd find this easier than looking everything up, as we've all had to do. (Or eventually found out on our own)


Sign Improvements

I think that it would be interesting if we could put Minecraft symbols on signs. (Or books) I would like it if we could also put Minecraft items in signs/books. For example, let's say that we always forget something and want to remember. We put down a Diamond Sword and put down 5 Minecraft hearts. This would also go hand-in-hand with tutorial servers, because signs could easily inform new players of information they may not've known. Also, I thought that we could put signs on doors to label rooms. It would make houses more cozy and seem more homely. This is a little improvement, but everything counts.


Tutorial Setting

Lots of people don't know about servers. So, people could learn through a single player option that allows NPC's/messages to guide you through all the basics. There could also be a tutorial on how to join servers, because I've known a lot of people who had no idea that servers even existed until I told them. It'll give the basics of settings and options for single player worlds.

Fake Mobs

I've figured that this could be an interesting new style of PvPing and strategy. I was thinking that you could make fake mobs (that don't move) to scare off other players. Though you can tell them apart from real mobs, (as real mobs actually move), people from far away can't see that. An expansion on this idea is making fake player avatars. You could make a fake user/player, and disguise him/her as yourself. Creating the fake player would be like making a scare crow, they can't move, so it would disguise themselves to look AFK, making them a (fake) easy kill. Naming the user different things will cost enchantment levels, but the same for any amount of letters so nobody with a longer name than another person is at a disadvantage. It's supposed to be used as a decoy- something to buy you time to run or make a quick sneak attack. You can make them have a sword/armor so they look more intimidating, but only you can later pick up the items that you equipped them to have, otherwise nobody would give them gear to start with. But, of course, the gear will despawn after the time limit has passed. So there's always a risk of leaving one of those when you log off.

QGzzpngofmbgpngoaopngLxUuDpngGlXpngaMbEhpngTvjlpng(No Spider) UaGLtpng

NPC Improvements

I was thinking about how some NPC Villages have a chest that occasionally has some valuable items in it, and how cool I thought it was. Then I thought that in some NPC Villages then there would be hidden storages where they keep even more things inside of it. It would be very hard to find, however, otherwise if you find an NPC Village then you'll right away get gear that you should only get much later in the game. Also, I thought it'd be interesting to have evil NPC's who attack you. There would only be one per NPC Village so you don't get mobbed right when you see one of the villages, and they would have relatively weak weapons so if they catch you off guard then you have a chance to still succeed in killing them. They will drop the gear that they have, so it can give you a head start with some items. It's too easy to live in NPC villages in my opinion, so if this is added, then NPC Villages won't be abused and overused.

Player Noise

In the real world, if you carry heavy things, then you make noise. So this could be a disadvantage for those who have plentiful/heavy items in their inventory. If somebody is within 40 blocks of you and has lots of iron/heavy items, then there'll be an message that's only shown for you saying, "You hear someone near..." so you can get ready to run or make strategies. Of course this would be option-based. If servers don't want it to be there, then they set the option as "Off". This would change PvP battles, and would make it all-the-more enjoyable.


Bookshelf Improvements

This is my final idea for an improvement: Bookshelves having actual books inside of it, and placing books that you've made in them. Some pre-made books that would automatically be in the bookshelves would be Minecraft Wiki (Link to it), and The Story of (Mob Name). The books will be custom-made, and you can read them anytime.


These improves would make the game more unique and keep things interesting. Nobody likes a game that has nothing new to offer after it's been out for a while. These improvements will make the game more strategy based, and I personally love having more than just PvP skills, but having the chance for strategies to win you a fight. Combat will be more than just simple clicking, it'll include swift tactics to win you a fight that you would've lost otherwise.

Phew, this was a long one...
My longest blog by far.
Thanks for reading!

...And I just realized in the pic I spelled "Minedeas" wrong.
Thanks for getting this on the Popular Reel! :)

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