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Did you know this about the Electric Creeper?

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The Electric Creeper

Have you ever seen an electric creeper? They are very rare and do not spawn naturally! They're just a normal creeper but with lots of twists. They've got electricity on them and it looks almost like they have a force field! The creeper exists after a normal creeper has been hit by lightning! If you find one naturally you are very lucky and just make sure you don't get too close. :)It's almost the same as a zombie pigman but a lot more dangerous. They make almost 10x10 block explosions wich is huge. A normal creeper only makes around 3x3. They can do almost 2x the health damage of a normal creeper! If you know anything else on electric creepers, please tell me and i will post it on the blog. Please check out the youtube video! Hope you enjoyed learning about the electric creeper! Thanks for viewing and feel free to leave diamonds and comments.

By: simonbrad4d

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Update #1 : by simonbrad4d 12/12/2011 1:17:43 pmDec 12th, 2011

New info and better title.

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12/13/2011 6:37 pm
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Electric creepers came because a normal creeper get struck by lightning and they get double its power.
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