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The Elf's Secret (18th Place!)

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LugiaGal- avatar LugiaGal-
Level 34 : Artisan Birb
Chapter 1
The Dream.

"I need to speak to the Elder!" said Nadia as she rushed out of her bed,
"wow, hold on sis" I chuckled as she grabbed my arm.
"but this could be the end of us!" she yelped with a terrified face.
I took a breath and sighed "then what was it that scared you so much?"
and lead her over to the table seat,"I had a startling dream!"
she blurted, as she settled in the stem chair, "Really? was it like a
vison of the future?" I asked walking to the kitchen and grabbing
a quarts mug and filled it up. "I don't know," Nadia confessed,
and started to calm down, looking at the floor.

I sat down and gave her a cup of hot glow sprout tea and gently said,
"well drink this and tell me the whole thing before we bother
the Elder from his work." "ok then," she muttered took a sip and
started, "So the warriors were getting ready for a battle agenset the
piglins, and I was wondering if I should sneek into the battle without
the Elder's will. When all of a sudden a three headed mob arouse from
the forbidden land, it started wiping out our entire village! I could
hear piercing screams and everyone I knew was panicking, wounded, or
dying! It was just horrable Diego! Then I saw the Elder taken by the
beast and thrown to the side! but this mysterious portal appeared just
in time and he fell through, then before I new it was gone! I heard
you scream my name, So I spun around to see you dragged away by piglins,
I started after you but somthing hit my head really hard and
everything when't black as if I died! then I woke up and rushed out of
the room." she mumbled.

I thought "Should I bother telling the Elder
or do we keep this our own matter, it seems like a vison to me but I
think it's best if it's secret." And I replied "So sis I think your
one of the rare elfs that see the future and have mystical powers that
dad told us about." she jumped up stared at me with an awstruck face
and shouted, "no no i'm not, I am just and ordanary teenage elf that
has no parents and home is in the Nether!" I looked with a dissaproved
face then stated in a harsh tone "You are Nadia and you shall
not tell anyone, and keep this vision of yours a secret no one will
know about this, especially Elder do you hear me! she held back
tears but I could tell by looking into her firey eyes, then she
shriked "what happed to you brother, ever since our parents died
you've always been so protective and want to keep everything a secret"
then she burst out the warped door and dashed away. I slowly stepped
to the window, and sullenly watched her run till the warped fungi hid
her from my sight. I sighed and mumbled to myself, "Mabie I was to
hard on her, but then she will return by midnight as always."

Chapter 2
Another World?

The next day I arouse from my bed and walked over to Nadia's room to
apologise for the unessary shouting. as I opened the door I was
shocked, "She is not here! did she get caught by a troop of Piglins
patrolling? Or did she run away to the forbidden lands to see if the
vision was true?... I need to run after her before it's too late!"
And I stormed down the stairs raced over to the chest grabbed warped
planks, ladder, sticks, glow vine, mushrooms to eat, and netherite
(That I had gathered months ago for an emergency) then I ran over to
the door grabbed the leather bag stuffed everything into it, and
buttoned it tight with a piece of bone.

I opened the door, but then
turned around to look at the lonley house, with the warped planked
walls, quarts roof, and leather rugs spread out upon the smooth floor.
then thought "This could be the last time I will ever look or walk into
this house again!" Then with a deep breath shut the door and raced like
lighting Into the woods heading for Piglin terratory. I was almost to
the border of wastelands and realised it was getting late, so I took
shelter in a near by cave settled down and fell into a dreamless
slumber. Then all of a sudden there was this WOOP BASH noise,
And I jumped up very startled when I opened my eyes there was a
mysterious glow coming from the back of the cave! so I arouse from my
spot grabbed the bag and cautiousely stepped toward the light, Then I
saw a portal and a man (that looked nothing like anything in the Nether)
stepped through and saw me! So I ripped out my dagger and snapped "Are
you an Elf or Piglin!" then stepped out of the shadows, when he spotted
my dagger he put his arms up and laughed "Gooday Mate, my name's Jake!
I'm Human and come from the overworld! so what's this place?" I let my
gaurd slowly fall and looked him in the eye, "This is the Nether my homeland,
and I have an Important mission right now so stay out of my business!"

then I turned around and started out of the cave, "Wait!" Jake shouted
and ran to keep up with me. "what do you want!" I barked and pushed him
aside, he looked at me with a hurt expression then pleaded "You know this
place better than I, and I was wondering if you could tell me what your mission is?"
I stared at him trying not to show any emotion and replied "Fine I'll
tell you, So me and my younger sis had a big fight yesterday and she
ran off, Then when I whent to see if she returned she was still gone!
So I stopped here for the night and then you annoying human creature
came along!" and walked out of the cave thinking to myself I can not tell
him the vision or he will tell and panic will spread, Jake looked at me
with simpothy and started "Well if that's the case, I think I might be a little useful
like helping you save your sister?" as he stumbled along "Fine you can
come but don't cause any trouble ok? I sighed, and we both started
our journey to the dangerous wastelands.

Chapter 3
The Tribe Tratior.

As we walked across the deadly wastelands that seperate the piglins from us.
I kept my eye above for Ghasts and made shure that Jake kept low,
because if a single Ghast saw us in this open space there would be no where
to hide and it would kill us on the spot. and so we slowley scrambled
on the border then Jake wispered "Why are we going so slow here?
I thought you wanted to save your sister?" I looked left and saw a Ghast crying It's
Horrid cry of death and ceasing Jake shoved him down a small pit in the ground
and crawled in myself and mumbled "Be quiet! if that thing saw us we
should have been dead by now, this is why were moving so sl-" and was
cut off when the ghast passed over and I pulled Jake in a dark corner with me,
at last the Ghast passed over without seeing us,

I let out a sigh "Cmon Jake or you be buried alive."
and climbed up out into the open danger once again. Jake complained that
his clothes were filthey, but I explaned that It's good camoflage and hiding.
he grumbled somthing I could not understand but It wasen't important to me.
we made it to the outer edge of the Crimson Forest and hurried Jake inside before
the Ghast came back. as we were father into the forest I heard a troop coming close
so I ducked towards a bush, and then rembered Jake was still in the open! I started
out when woosh somthing grabbed him and pulled him into hiding! I had to wait for
the troop to pass in fear of Jake being murderd by a beast,

when they were gone
I jumped out with my dagger ready to save Jake, when there was a young girl piglin
standing In the way and giggled "Well hold on so fast friend deserter, I'm Rose and
If your thinking I'm going to kill your buddy that's wrong, I want to help you with
your sister because I like Elves there cool, so how about your name? and don't
bother telling me his info he already told me everey thing about your sis if
your wondering." I gave Jake a nasty look and snapped "Fine I'll let one more
creature into this mission but no more!" I looked at rose and realised she looked
more reddish pink than a normal brown piglin and thought "Mabie that's why her
parents named her Rose?" and snapped out of it! "WHAT AM I THINKING!
SHE'S A PIGLIN!" then Jake asked Rose "OH! your name is Rose because you look more
pink than brown!" "Yes your right Jake you are smarter than I thought!"
Rose admitted. I tryied to calm down and said in a trembling voice from anger
"Rose if you want to help us that means your being a traitor to your
kind. but since you want to help do you know were the piglins keep their captives?"
Rose beamed and replied "Yes, In fact I did recall seeing an elf in the prisons
yesterday! Also I don't mind if i'm one one side, then the other I just want this
war to end!" I smothered a smile and declared "Well then Rose you lead the way
and we'll follow!" And we started off towards the piglin fortress full of traps,
gaurds, hoglin that were trained to kill anything but piglins, and the Piglin King.

Chapter 4
The Fortress Rescue.

As we approached the stronghold, Rose took a turn and started toward a small
village and said, "We need to disguise you guys so that we won't have to run for
our lives, ok?" and we both nodded and I replied "Yes thats a smart idea, I almost
forgot that we were enymies." and hurried along. Jake ran to catch up to Rose and wined,
"Do i have to wear nasty piglin armor? and also what if they see our faces and realise
were not piglin!" then Rose stopped, crouched, down and wispered. "You'll have to keep
your heads down. but right now follow me and don't let anyone see you unti'll were in
the shop." and we sneaked behind the huts, and in the dark allies and reached the back
door to the small armorey shop. Then Rose took out a key and unlocked the crimson door
and helped us in. "How did you do that?" Jake quietly exclamed, Rose replied in a
tone like she said this all the time. "That's because this shop is run by my Uncle,
It's closed right now so we have the whole place to our selves." and led us to
some leather armor sets,

"Here put this on fast we don't have much time" as she
handed the parts to us, at once we put them on in a flash, and we left the shop
heading towards the fortress. When we arrived to the outer gates Rose slowed and
mumbled "Rember keep your heads down and keep quiet!" we gave her a nodd as we reached
the gaurds, and the gaurds shouted "Halt, what is your business!" Rose stopped and replied
in a good manner "I am Rose, the first maid to the Princess, and these are my body gaurds."
The gaurds nodded and let us through, but one of the gaurds looked SUSPICOUSELY at me
as we passed them. I gave a worried face at Rose and she understood and took us to the
darker halls to avoid more gaurds. as we were walking through the dark hall Jake asked
"why diddn't you tell us that you are that important!" Rose giggled "Well I thought It
wasen't that Important" and walked on in silence.

we took a lot of winding passages
and Rose pointed all the traps so that we stayed alive. Finally we reached the prisons
and she rushed to the farthest cell. There she took out yet another key and opened the
door and I heard a gasp, then Nadia was clinging on to me and sobbed. "Brother you came
back for me! I thought you would never come!" I looked at her face the realised
there was a gash going across her left eye with blue blood still dripping from the wound.
I softly replied "Oh sis I would never leave you! I'm sorry I shouted at you,
I was just trying to keep you safe. but what happened to your face?"
she stepped away and looked at Jake and Rose and said "My eye was slashed
by a piglin spear when they were trying to take me captive, so I lost sight through
that eye now. I'm fine but do you have an eye patch? and who are they?"
I looked at Rose and Jake and they nodded so I explanied "The piglin is Rose she helped
us get to you, and the other is Jake he came from another world and is just here to
slow us down."

"Hey!" Jake shouted and glared at me. and Nadia giggled
"Hello Rose and Jake, thank you for helping my brother save me it means a lot."
Rose and Jake smiled. then I realised we were still in the fortress!
"We need to go now! gaurds will be here soon from all the noise we've made!
Rose do you know of any secret passages out of this stronghold?" I hastily said
"Yes follow me!" Rose replied and set off like lighting. we rushed to keep up
and I held Nadia on my back so that she can rest, then we came to a corner and
Rose tapped a few diffrent stones on the wall then a door opened up, and we
quickley crawled through. when all of us were inside, the door shut and
we were safe. Rose led us through the maze and we eventually came to a
end and she did the same stone thing as before and a door opened up to
a quiet part of the forest. we all scrambled out and began to rest.
"That was close!" Jake gasped and spraled out on the grass, I looked around then
asked "Were are we Rose?" and let Nadia crawl off, "This is by the border that
you know as the wastelands" Rose replied settling on a big red mushroom.
"Good then we can make it to the Elf village by tonight, and you two can
come along I'll have to explain to the Elder about you tho. so I talked
about the journey while resting, When I had finished Jake and I left
the armor on a clear patch of grass for a piglin that happens to pass through.
And we all started towards the Warped Forest.

Chapter 5
The Beast's War.

As we entered the Elf Village, the other Elves were shocked when they saw Rose and
Jake. I had to explain to them they were friends of mine before they started
attacking. Then I stopped and Rose asked “Where are we really going, Diego?”. I
winked at her and replied “You’ll see in a second.” and Nadia giggled. Then we
started up the paved quarts stairs up to the Elder’s palace, when we reached the top I
shouted at the door “Oh great Elder, I Diego wish to bring some friends to speak to
you about the future and peace!” then a deep old voice responded and the great quarts
doors opened wide to let us in. I steped inside with the others behind me and they
gazed in suprise at the beautiful quarts pillars, glow stone lights hanging on the
arched celing and then there eyes met the elegant throne in the back of the room
where the Elder dressed in a long purple robe said “So, I see you and your friends
have come from a long journey to rescue your sister Diego.” I looked at every buddy
and they were surprised and I stammered “Yes Sir, but how did you know?” the old Elf
smiled then replied “The great Elder knows all, even the vision Nadia had. But a war
is about to happen and the doomed future will come if you don’t go to the forbiddin
lands as soon as you can.” Rose looked at me with a worried face and so did Nadia,
but Jake looked kind of happy? oh well It is the awkward Jake. Then I announced “then
we’ll leave in an hour after we’ve rested from our journey.” the Elder nodded and we
walked back through the doors and headed down the stairs towards our hut.

As we entered Jake suddenly said "Guys I'm sorry but our time together has come to an
end. I must leave now back to my world because, I have family and other friends that
might be worried about me being gone for so long." we all understood and said our
good byes. then Jake walked off to find the cave were we met. "Ok! we need to start
on our way towards the forbidden land. Nadia can you pack three leather bags for
us while plan the trip with Rose?" Nadia jumped with excitement "Yes I CAN big bro!"
And she started running all over the hut gathering things and stuffing the bags full.
then Rose asked "What is the Forbidden Land Diego?" I pulled out a map and placed it
on the table and replied, "See that Soul Sand Valley not far from here? that's the
Forbidden Land many dangerous creatures lurk around there that's why It's forbidden."
Rose shivered "Ooh, That just gives me the creeps now." I drew a big red line leading
from here to the center of the Forbidden Land. Then Nadia dropped three full leather
bags on to the table and exclamed, "I did it! and in record time!" I folded the map
and placed it in my bag then put it on. Nadia, and Rose put there bags on quickley
and started towards the door shouting "Hurry up Diego or well never make it!"
I rushed out the door with them to stop a horrable vision from coming true.

When we reached the border to the Forbidden Land I heard a Piglin battle cry, then
a Elf battle vow. and I knew that the war had begun and there was not much time
ti'll the beast will arrive unless we stop it. then I pulled some netherite boots
out and told Rose and Nadia to do the same, and we all put them on. "Why do we
need to wear these Diego?" Rose questoned looking down at her feet. "Because
It's the only thing that will protect us from the Soul Sand, and if we touch it then
our souls will be forever trapped in this land moaning and crying to be let free."
Rose shivered and nodded her head in understandment. and when we were half way
towards the center Nadia shouted "Rose, Diego! I found some foot prints leading to
where we are going! Is that bad?" I ran over to her and looked at them, "Yep thats
bad because then whoever is heading there must be the one to summon the Wither!"
Rose and Nadia jumped at the last word I anounced and Rose said "Well let's get moving
before we're the cursed beast's dinner!" and we all started off fast. when we made it to
the hill next to the center there was a shocking sight! Jake was placing the last Wither
Skeliton head on the Soul Sand T then POOF! the Wither was here!

"Jake!" Nadia Yelled but it was too late, the Wither grabbed Jake, placed him in the
center of it's body and locked onto him then somehow mind controlled him and was using
him to speak as if it took over his soul! Then the Wither announced "I will distroy
all living things in this realm and become the ultimate ruler, then I'll head towards
the OverWorld." and It glared at us then sped off to the war, eating the blocks and
creating a huge canyon along the way. "We need to get there before the Wither does!"
Rose said skipping about in fear. "I think there might be somthing useful in Jake's
bag that we can use!" Nadia exclamed. So I ran to the bag and found an Ender Pearl
and replied "I've read about these and you can think really hard and it will transport
you in a flash to were you wanted to go!" and so Rose and Nadia held on tight to me
then we all closed our eyes and thought hard about the Elf village, Then Woop!
I opened my eyes to see the Wither raging at the warriors and throwing them aside.
"We need to tell the Piglins and Elves to fight together agenset the beast!"
I shouted, so Rose and Nadia grabbed me and we ran to the center of battle then they
alinged themselves so that I could crawl ontop to speak. "Great idea you guys!"
I said as I stood on top. then I shouted as loud as I could "ELVES, PIGLINS! YOU NEED
OR IT"S THE END OF THE NETHER!" Then all the Elves and Piglins froze even the Wither
then they nodded and the Elves and Piglins started attacking the Wither together!

"Can you two get me close to the Wither?" I asked pulling an enchanted netherite
sword out of my bag. "Yes we can!" they both replied and started towards the beast
that was being weakened by the waves of Elves and Piglins attacking over and over
never giving up to save their home land! Nadia said that we can't get any closer,
so I Jumped into the air using the hills of piglins and elves to get higher and
closer then I took the biggest leap in my life straight to the withers main head
and SHINK! I cut the head off and the Wither screamed "I will be back you wretched
Elf you will pay! then Jake fell to the ground and I started falling too but the Elves
and Piglins caught me and shouted "Horray Diego the Hero!" In all the noise I watched
Nadia and Rose pick up the unconscious Jake, Then I saw he looked kind of like the
Wither on one side of his head. finally I broke out of the croud to help them carry
Jake to our hut for rest. when we entered the Elder was standing in the room and said
"Let him rest, then we will question him later." as he walked out the door and shut it.
We laid him on the sofa made of soft leather and draped a quilt on him, then I yawned
"Lets get some rest too so that we can figure things out later." so all of us set off
to bed and slept a long happy sleep.

When I walked down the stairs I noticed Jake was gone! I hurriedly woke Nadia and Rose.
to tell them Jake was gone! so we all started outside when we saw that the Elder and
Piglin King had a feast for peace ready for us we had to join. after a while we snuck
off without being noticed and found at the far corner of the village a broken portal
that must had led to the OverWorld. Nadia gave me a worried face and I sighed then said
"Jake will be back but as the Wither, I'm afraid he is lost. Nadia and Rose."
and we all quietley watched some Elf and Piglin children playing together peacefully.



I hope you Like It PMC!
I worked hours and day's on this story and it's my first one! :D
Someday I will continue it but this counts as a full book.
Please tell me any mistakes so I can fix them before the contest finishes.
CreditInspired by the PMC Nether Writing Contest

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Update #3 : 03/21/2020 6:54:09 pmMar 21st, 2020

Thank You Guys for helping me fix the mistakes and help this story!

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03/19/2020 6:47 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Wizard
Lemilas avatar
In the last paragraph of chapter three, "mabie you are smarter than I thought" instead of "maybe".
At the very beginning of chapter 4, "discuise" instead of "disguise".
03/20/2020 8:19 am
Level 34 : Artisan Birb
LugiaGal- avatar
oh Thanks!
03/20/2020 5:24 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Wizard
Lemilas avatar
You're welcome!
03/19/2020 11:02 am
Level 34 : Artisan Birb
LugiaGal- avatar
03/18/2020 12:31 pm
Level 42 : Master Artist
Whiteout- avatar
before the contest ends I'd like to help you fix, right around the beginning it said terrafied, you can correct it to terrified. <3

p.s when she says "but this could be the end of us!

there's no " on the end.
<333 I hope you win
03/18/2020 5:08 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Birb
LugiaGal- avatar
ooh thanks!
03/18/2020 9:28 am
Level 20 : Expert Mage
c14159 avatar
Just FYI every time someone else starts talking you start a new paragraph, even if the dialog is short.
I really like the story though! :3
03/18/2020 12:17 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Birb
LugiaGal- avatar
Ya I did that so the talking doesn't look weird together.
but thanks for telling me!
03/17/2020 11:26 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Procrastinator
Vezriya avatar
I really love this! You should definitely write more often!
03/18/2020 12:18 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Birb
LugiaGal- avatar
Thanks A lot! :D
03/17/2020 6:48 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Wizard
Lemilas avatar
One thing I noticed - the one Elf's name switches between Diego and Deigo. Which one is it?
03/17/2020 6:57 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Birb
LugiaGal- avatar
Oh I didn't see that please tell the the sentence(s)? so I can fix it
also it's Diego
03/17/2020 7:17 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Wizard
Lemilas avatar
It looks like all of those places are fixed now.
03/17/2020 7:24 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Birb
LugiaGal- avatar
Thanks for letting me know! :D
03/17/2020 8:14 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Wizard
Lemilas avatar
You're welcome!
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