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Part 2 of The End, Part 1 by Lemilas

Crash Landing

With death being imminent if the captain didn't act fast, he decided to divert the course of the ship on
the nearest moon. Quickly everybody asides from the captain, who was steering the ship, entered the
two escape pods. Their pods landed safely on the surface of the moon. The ship crashed, as escape
pod 2 landed safely a few miles away from the crash site. But what happened to the other escape pod
was unknown to the three crewmembers in escape pod 2. After the landing they were scanning if the
area was containing an atmosphere and if they were able to breathe.
"What did you find Chris?" Richard asked. "Is there air that we can breathe?"
"It's unclear," Chris responded. "The machinery in the pod is limited."
"We have to make it to the ship anyway," Amanda said. "Hope the ship is not too far away. And after we
look for the others if they are not already back to the ship."
In an ocean escape pod 1 landed. Unsure if the water was safe to swim in, Daniel looked through a
window of the escape pod overlooking the ocean trying to get bearings of where the other escape pod
and ship has landed. As he turned around to talk with his other crewmembers he had to determine a
possible sacrifice if the waters were indeed unsafe to swim in. Lexa was trying to figure out the best
course of action to get to the crashed ship.
"One of us has to swim," Daniel said. "It is the only option."
"But our suits are too heavy for that," Lexa replied. "We don't even know if we can breathe out there."
"If we wait here then death surely comes." Daniel said. "I am willing to go. I am willing to make that
sacrifice. We need to survive and there really is no other option."
As Daniel got out of the escape pod and it locked behind him he took of his helmet to see if he was able
to breathe.

The Ship

The ship that crashed damaged and on fire with the captain Jack still in there barely conscious after the
impact. As he got out of the chair he grabbed an extinguisher to douse the flames as he got to the ship's
main computer. As he got onto the computer he tried to open communication links with the two escape
pods, but both gave no signal. After trying to communicate with the pods.
He typed in the commands to scan the surroundings, but the ship was too heavily damaged to give off a
reading of it. Looking around for tools to try and fix the ship, the ship once again started to be on fire. Only
a small flame this time that Jack easily doused with the extinguisher. As he got the tools and was ready
to start the repairs the ship was entered by the crewmembers that were in escape pod 2. As they got to
the area were their captain Jack was working they were relieved that he was alive.
"Good to see that you are alive, captain." Amanda said. "But did you manage to find them? Made any contact?"
"No, the radio is busted. I didn't manage to contact them yet." Jack replied. "However even if I fix this
blasted radio, I still might not be able to contact them."
"Richard and I could look for them. Chris should stay here and help out with the repairs," Amanda said. "Do
you know where we could start looking captain?"
"The trajectory of the pod would put the approximately twelve clicks from the ship port side. I don't know if
you should risk it. We know far too little of this place."
"I understand that captain, but Daniel and Lexa are still part of our crew," Amanda replied. "The months and
years we spend together makes us as close as family."
"They're that important to you? That you are willing to risk your life?"
"Yes captain, they are."

The infection

With the captain's permission Amanda and Richard headed towards the direction the ship should be in. But to
their surprise no more than three miles out they saw Daniel, without his spacesuit walking towards the ship.
"You are safe?" Daniel asked exhausted.
"Yes, but what about Lexa?" Amanda asked as she got her helmet off. "Where is she?"
"She's in the ocean, in the escape pod. I swam here."
"Take him back to the ship Chris," Amanda said. "It's better if I go this solo from here. Try and see if I can see the
pod in the ocean."
As Amanda made it to the shore the pod was nowhere to be seen. She scanned the horizon looking for any
indicators of the pod, but to no avail.
She decided to return to the ship. In the infirmery Daniel lay to be examined by Chris. Daniel weary and exhausted
seemed to suffer from a strange illness. His skin turned grayish and his eyes became bloodshut as he coughed
and wheezed.
"I think that Daniel contracted an infection on here," Chris said worried. "It's best to isolate us and hopefully it has
not spread to you yet. I'll do my best to treat it."
As the doors shut to the infirmary Jack and Amanda paced about woorying about Lexa, Chris and Daniel.
"The radio is fixed. I will try to contact Lexa and see if she still is alive or where she is at." Jack said. But to
his dismay as he looked at Amanda he saw that her eyes were bloodshut, the same as Daniel's were. Immediately
Jack tried to run to the door, but Chris got infected as well and lay on the floor suffering from this new illness.
Seeing that Jack knew that he was not going to make it. That his luck ran out and that the most likely outcome
would be death.
CreditLemilas for writing part 1

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