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The End, Part 6

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Sonny peered at the TV from under the table, hoping for some reassurance on seeing the reporters face. Reassurance did not come; The reporter stood in front of the quarantine shelter looked like one of the CREWMATES: THE NEXT STAR infected! Sonny let out a scream after seeing this, and his mother looked at the screen in horror. The reporter, who had looked so healthy minutes ago, looked sickly. Her skin greying under her heavy makeup as her eyes reddened and pierced the screen. Before his mother could say anything, the TV screen turned black, and she noticed her husband holding the cable behind it.

Sonny's mothers eyes snapped away from the screen, fear rushing through her veins. They had to do something.

Fear is a word that fails to capture the true meaning of what it represents. The word fear doesn't show you the beating hearts, and panicked breathing that it truly carries. The dictionary fails to express the real terror of the pale skin, and frozen shocked expression.
In reality, our lack of understanding of fear acts as the guise for something more sinister.

Not everyone see's fear the same way, but Sonny's father knew that there was much more than fear in his wife's eyes.

Sorry for how short this is, writers block sucks but I feel bad for leaving the next writer waiting.
If you wanna run with it, pretty much the TV is off for now (as father has unplugged it) and the mother is looking pale and greyish ;))

You dont have to make the mother infected, but its set up for that if you do want it.

I may come back later and add more in, just as filler that doesn't affect the plot in any way.

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