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The Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon story by Foofy

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avatar Foofy
Level 11 : Journeyman Dragon
Once in a Minecraft world there lived a wonderful couple. A beautiful woman named Alex and a handsome man named Steve. They lived in a beautiful house plated with cobblestone and made with lots of wood. The house and the family were blessed by the great Notch.

One day as Alex was reading the daily paper she found an article and so she read it out loud “In the village of Cobbleville there has been a massive battle between the great King Of Enderman and the Pet Of Herobrine the Ender Dragon. We are trying to find someone who wants to kill this vicious beast but no one is brave enough to be able to kill the Dragon. The army has been sending troops over to the END to kill the Dragon but no one has come back alive. All the villagers from Cobbleville have been suffering from food loss since the Ender Dragon’s army raged the town. Scientists are still trying to figure out why the Ender Dragon has decided to rage the town..”

“Cobbleville, isn't that just a few blocks away from here?” Steve asks. Then Alex looks out the window thinking that she would see her beautiful garden but instead she sees a massive Endermen army coming closer and closer! “uh Steve take a look at this” After Steve looks in the window he rushes to the Diamond chest and takes out a sword. Then he enchants it quickly and runs out the door “Good luck my Steve come back alive.”

Steve runs closer and closer to the raging army and slings his sword in all different directions killing all the Endermen around him. He got nearer and nearer to the end of the Endermen army, but just when he thought he made it, his hunger went low and he had forgotten to bring food so he collapsed to the ground. When he was on the ground 4 Endermen picked him up and brought him to their master the Ender Dragon!

When Steve awoke he was lying on the enderstone with fresh Golden apples in front of him. He ate them all up and got off the floor and saw the Evil Ender Dragon! He found his sword and grabbed it and used it to fight off a few more Endermen. Soon enough it broke! Steve tried to find a new one but he couldn’t see one anywhere! The Ender Dragon was coming closer and closer until... WHOOSH! Steve had shot an arrow at the terrible Dragon. The Dragon flew away and that gave Steve some more time to find a spare sword. After a while of looking Steve found a spare sword, unfortunately it wasn’t enchanted.

Steve slashed his sword at the beast and after thousands of hits the Dragon fell to the ground and the portal opened but the Dragon’s crash caused a massive cave-in and Steve was pulled in to it as well!

Back home Alex read another daily paper and found an article and read it out loud “Ender Dragon found dead but the person who killed it is also presumed dead.” After Alex reads the paper she gets her sword and brings food and dink and then she sets off to see if the newspaper is true. After a big walk she finds a portal to the END so she takes a breath and jumped in... VOOM! When Alex entered she saw a humongous mess but then she saw a flicker of light in a cave so she ran towards it. It was dark inside the cave with only a little bit of light from the torch flickering. As she got closer to it she heard breathing, she got her sword out and... “Oh my!!” There in front of her was her beloved Steve all wounded and covered in scratches. Steve looked at Alex and stood up and walked to the portal with Alex right behind him and they both jumped into the portal and went home to live a happy life.

By: Foofy
I hope you enjoyed it :)

Title picture by: SamCube

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This is great but... Steve should be able to 1 shot anything in minecraft and real life because one gold is the strongest matieral in the world and 64 of it? That really strong aka that would be 100800900 pounds together but  we can get heavier!! 64 blocks! 91928299183 pounds he's carrying! But the full set! 9182791827291828918281 pounds on his back! I mean Steve could be able to actually HURT superman but not beat him I'd say that Steve is one of the most under rated badazzes ever
What does this have to do with the story?

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