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The Enderman war (Titans part 3)

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Makaneek avatar Makaneek
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Here's the finale for the Titans arc. So far, it's my longest story. Again, if you haven't already, you should read Part 1 and Part 2 first.

Five years after Herobrine’s troops began to enter the overworld, the conflict had not ceased. An entire network of strongholds had been constructed, scattered across the overworld, and each one was armed to the teeth against attack. The two sides were locked in a deadly stalemate and victory seemed more unobtainable than ever. Without question, the best human warrior was Steve. Hailing from the great city of Osokkos, Steve had slain the terrifying wither, and had neutralized many threats in the overworld and nether.

The enemy had launched several devastating attacks on Osokkos, and because of the invader’s teleportation abilities, the city walls were useless. But with water from the wells, they had repelled the invaders. Since then, the army of Osokkos had assisted greatly with the war effort, their city having given rise to some of the overworld’s finest ever warriors, but this enemy would never back down.

Each side had several important advantages, the endermen’s being their astonishing ability to teleport, and their brute strength, but their crippling weakness to water gave them no choice but surrender should the rain begin to pour. Humanity was not without strengths however. Their ingenuity and ability to craft enchanted weapons and armor were not fruitless in warfare. Both won the humans many battles in the overworld and nether, but both sides knew that the real confrontation would occur in the mysterious enderman homeland.

A young woman named Alexandra, or Alex for short, had spent her entire adult life amidst this chaos, and would not stand for it. This war could easily continue for decades, and her mentor Steve had taught her that sometimes war is necessary, but when it is allowed to continue for too long, only the ashes of civilization remain. Only a direct assault on the Enderman homeland, or End, would win this war, but this was not a game, and just one poorly placed loss, a tiny misstep, could mean doom for humanity.

It took many months of training and preparation for Notch’s army to reach the skill level required to attack the End, but eventually five of the greatest warriors were selected for the mission. There was Steve, slayer of the wither, steve’s cousin Shera (a skilled fighter who carried a large broadsword and had a permanent scar under her right eye), A mysterious black-haired archer known only as Green, A sorceress named Diana who had been trained by Teron himself, and finally Ajax, the muscle of the group.

Diana, Teron, and the other stronghold mages had worked for months to open a portal to the End, and they had nearly accomplished their goal. But a week before the portal jump, disaster struck. Steve had been mining and had broken his leg. The modern miracle of healing potions would speed his recovery from months to weeks, but the jump could not be postponed. A replacement for steve would be necessary, and there was one logical choice, his apprentice Alex. Alex was young, but she was far from noob level. She had trained with steve for four years, ever since the endermen had attacked her village, and Steve had saved her life. Steve claimed he had taught her all he knew about warfare, but a good mentor always has a few tricks up their sleeve, as Steve had proven to have on occasions before.

On the day of the portal jump, Alex was nervous, though she would never admit it. She remembered that true heroes never let nerves stop them from doing what was right. The portal had been built inside of a medium sized chamber at one corner of the stronghold. It was structured as a horizontal frame made of twelve slots, each containing a powerful eye of ender. Filling the frame, was an empty void.

Four of the five portal jumpers had come solely to fight whatever lay within, but Diana had volunteered to come so that if they found themselves trapped, someone knew the way out.

“Ok, here’s the plan,” Shera addressed them, “we will enter the portal one at a time. Green will go first, because he’s the stealthiest. He will scout the perimeter and tell us the layout once we enter. He’ll be followed by me, Alex, Ajax, and Diana in that order.”

“That’s it?” asked Alex.

“We have no idea what this place will be like.” Replied Shera “we will have to complete the plan once we arrive”

With Green in the lead, the five filed through the gaping void. When it was Alex’s turn, she jumped into the portal. Once she arrived, she met Shera and Green inside an underground chamber with an obsidian floor, and walls and a ceiling made from a strange pale stone that she didn’t recognise. Shera gave her the layout of the situation.

“We’re inside a huge floating island in empty space. The island has ten pillars arranged in a circle around a closed bedrock exit portal. Each of the the pillars holds a pink crystal that gives energy to a huge black dragon.” When Shera said it, she was out of breath, as if the dragon had just chased her over an obstacle course.

  “We wait for Ajax and Diana,” Green decided. “Then we strike.”

Once the other two warriors had come through the portal, the plan of attack was made. First, Green would shatter the exposed crystals with his arrows, but some were protected with iron cages, and these would have to be taken care of up close. Ajax and Green would work together to build a makeshift stairway to the tops of the pillars with caged crystals. After all the crystals were destroyed, Green would shoot at the dragon from the top of a pillar while Ajax, Shera, Diana, and Alex shot it from the ground and if necessary, hit it with their swords. Though the battle was long and hard, the plan worked well, and if it weren’t for the golden apples and healing potions they had brought, only four of their number would have returned home.

At last the monster was killed, stabbed in the heart by Alex. Throughout the battle, Alex had shown great courage and skill, and because of that, her name would go down in history second only to her mentor Steve. After the dragon was slain, the bedrock portal at the center of the island opened, along with a smaller portal at the island’s edge. The first led back to their home, the stronghold, and the second lead to the outer end islands, where Herobrine plotted humanity’s demise. The warriors took the first portal, but all five knew that the real threat remained.

When Alex jumped into the portal, she experienced something very strange indeed. She heard two voices talking about her. They talked for a very long time, but oddly, she remembered every word of their conversation for the rest of her life.

Inside the stronghold, they were greeted by the elated but bewildered members of Notch’s army. The bewilderment, they soon discovered, was present because steve had gone missing. He was not gone for long, for when the five dragon slayers were talking, a bucket of milk lifted itself out of a chest, drained itself into nothing, and Steve appeared before them, fit as a fiddle. Shera said what they had all been thinking.

“Where have you been, and how has your leg healed so fast?”

“I’m terribly sorry to deceive you all, but my leg was not broken, and I witnessed every minute of your fight with the dragon.” Steve replied in a solemn tone. “My replacement with Alex was a test, to teach her to be prepared for the unexpected. I am proud to announce that she has graduated, and no longer requires my instruction.”

Over the next few weeks, End portals were built in every stronghold, and many attacks were made on the End. Notch hunted down Herobrine and banished him to a desolate void. Because their essences were tied, Notch had to exile himself to the strange timeless universe that he and Herobrine had come from. Now, neither would interfere with human events again. For a time there was peace, but when war reared it’s ugly head again, everyone was ready.

Author's note: At the time of publication, this story takes place nearly 800 years before the present time. The endermen have regained their free will, and have abandoned their war bases, which we know as Nether fortresses. However, they still harbor a burning hatred for humanity. Humans have also abandoned their war bases (strongholds). Most humans would rather live above ground than below.
CreditJulian Gough (end poem author)

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07/09/2019 6:32 am
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Your stories are awesome. So far the Titan trilogy is my favorite.
07/11/2019 7:27 pm
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Makaneek avatar
thanks! it took ages to write.
03/07/2019 5:50 pm
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TheWitch3r avatar
Not bad !
03/07/2019 10:01 pm
Level 43 : Master Answer
Makaneek avatar
thanks! I'm glad you like it.
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