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Tap tap tap.

Steve's finger tapped on the oak wood desk of the village library. He was waiting for the old librarian to get back from checking the store room. She came back around five minutes, empty handed. "Sorry love, we have no more books on what you call Herobrine, you've rented out all the ones we have it seems.". Steve sighed and thanks her for her time, before grabbing his things and leaving. It didn't make sense. The only things he could find were other sightings, not what this thing actually was, or where it came from.

He was so lost in thought, that Steve didn't even notice he had taken a wrong turn out of the village. He was in a large forest. Steve groaned with annoyance, and put his mind on finding his way back to the path. Steve was a naturally curious man, and when he saw a building off in the distance, he decided to go and explore. When he reached the building, he saw that it seemed to be abandoned. At least, it was very run down. Steve noticed a large crater in the front garden. He cautiously stepped over it, and wandered into the derelict house. He was met with a barrage of dust and cobwebs. Looking around, he found a small book strewn to the side of a workbench. Flicking through the pages, Steve saw it was some kind of diary. It was the same old stuff, farming, trading, until towards the end, when Steve saw an entry that caught his eye.

"June 25th

Last night I heard a huge crash outside of my house. When I went out there, there was a huge crater, that had destroyed about half of my brand new spruce fencing. I'm writing this feeling extremely annoyed. I think I know who did this. I bet it was that builder I 'offended' the other week. That fencing cost me several dozen emeralds to install! I never thought those shady business types could go so far. I don't even know what kind of rock it is. I don't recognise it at all. It kind of looks like bedrock, but it just looks weird. I bet it's impossible to move. I'm going to try moving it later."

Intrigued, Steve continued reading.

'"June 26th

Earlier today I tried moving the damn rock. It wouldn't budge. When I was moving it, I noticed something slipping out of a crack in the rock. It looked like some kind of black slime. However, it was moving like a creature. Like an alive creature. It was about the size of a golden nugget. I scooped it up in a glass bottle and now it's sitting on my workbench. I don't think this is a builder's prank anymore. This thing isn't manufactured. Tomorrow morning I'm going to wake straight up and kill it. It's too unsettling."

Steve was a bit anxious to continue reading. This was... Weird. It didn't seem right. However, Steve carried on, the look of interest on his face now a look of slight fear.

"June 27th

About an hour ago I tried to kill the slime creature. I tried burning it, which had no effect. I tried drowning it, it just seemed to consume the water. I tried striking it with all my swords, including my precious diamond one. They just cut straight through and did nothing. It was like cutting through water, or mist. Then I tried crushing it, with everything I had. As a last resort, I tried my priceless obsidian chunk. The sharp edge caught on the end and cut a chunk off, which turned into a dust like substance. I was happy, and I raised the chunk to kill it. I just couldn't do it. I wanted to study it more, to see what it ate and how it behaved. Maybe I'll feel stronger in the morning."

"June 28th

I woke up and, like yesterday, I couldn't bring myself to kill the creature. Instead, I found a small beetle on the ground and gave it to the slime. The beetle instinctively ran for the edges. I nearly gasped, as the slime morphed into an exact replica of the beetle, except for the eyes, which turned pure white instead of the shiny black. I guess eyes are too complex for it to replicate. The beetle, now seeming more calm, scuttled around the replica. I guess it thought the danger had passed. I thought the replica would open a huge mouth and swallow the beetle. What happened next is hard to explain. The slime replica extended a small tube out of it's side, which pierced the beetle's leg. The beetle then almost faded into fog, which looked like it was absorbed into the replica. Then, it morphed back into the slime. I have never been more horrified, yet more amazed in my entire life."

Steve was honestly terrified now. He wanted to stop, but he wanted to see what happened next more. He continued reading. The next entry was set a few days after the beetle one.

"August 2nd

I've been feeding the slime insects for the last few days now. Every time, it turns into its victim before killing it, except for the eyes. I don't really know why. Maybe it's trying to keep its victim calm? But it doesn't need to. It's definitely a strange entity. Anyway, yesterday, the creature seemed discontent with insects. So, today, I caught a bat that was flying around outside my house, and put in the wooden chest where I keep the entity now. The slime stared at the bat then turned into it, with the familiar white eyes. After it was pierced with the spike, it took longer for the bat to turn into the fog. The creature seems content now. I will try and catch mammals for it now."

Steve flicked through a few more entries. Every new entry, it seemed like the man was getting more and more obsessed with this creature. Every entry, the writer praised it more and more. Then Steve reached an entry which chilled him to the bone.

"August 7th

I was feeding the creature a piglet today, when something amazing happened. It had just absorbed the fog, when I heard something from the chest. It was a raspy voice. It kept repeating the same word. 'Herobine'. I don't know what it means. Since then, I have had a few basic conversations with the creature. I told it my name, and it told me I was a good source of food. I thanked him for the compliment before heading to my weekly trading session."

Steve saw that the next entry in the diary was very short.

"August 9th

Just a short entry this time, because I'm very tired. I came home and the creature was saying one word - 'Human'. I asked him what it meant and it said: 'Give human'. So, tomorrow, that's what I'm going to do."

"August 10th

I called a repair man to come and fix a window that I broke on purpose. When he arrived, I pushed him into the house and locked the door. I watched the creature emerge from the chest and turn into the repair man, with the white eyes. I looked away when it got close. The entity is amazing, but I couldn't bring myself to watch it devour a human. When I was sure it was done, I went back inside and placed the creature back in the chest. It was easier than I thought, honestly."

The next entry had no date on the top. Steve also noticed that it was scribbled very roughly, and there was ink spilled over a lot of the page. He read, terrified.

"Oh god, what have I done? The entity has turned into me. I'm hiding in the closet, I can hear it mumbling and banging on the door. It will break in eventually. If anyone finds this, please kill the thing, don't let the creature manipulate you. The only way to kill it is by piercing its skin with obsidian. Don't make the mistakes I ha-"

The diary cut out suddenly. Then it sunk in. This was describing Herobrine. This is what Herobrine was. It had already turned into Steve. But Steve wasn't going to give up. He was going to fight. Fight for his life. To not end up like the man in the diary.
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06/28/2016 6:16 pm
Level 46 : Master Enderdragon
Lol there's a documentary called The Entity.
05/30/2016 7:31 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Great writing!
05/13/2016 3:52 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
Really good!!
05/13/2016 2:54 pm
Level 24 : Expert Architect
Really good writing! GJ :D
05/12/2016 3:43 pm
Level 48 : Master Fox
Favorite entry so far, good luck!
05/11/2016 2:44 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
not fun
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