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The exam day - storytime with Darkmazeblox.

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Hello everyone I'm darkmazeblox. This story is from April 2020.It was one week before the final term exam , the students were preparing for exam .I was also doing the same when one of my classmate came near my bench and asked me " hey can you give me your science notebook , mine is incomplete I will complete and give it back ". I thought " i will take the book back before the last period " so I gave him the book and told him to give it back later .he said " ok " but when the bell rang after the last period and I asked him to give it back he told me " I not done yet I will give to you tomorrow , I promise " . And I told him " ok but bring it back tomorrow ".but then I realized that it was Saturday and tomorrow was Sunday . But I thought that I will take it back on Monday but he didn't bring the book he said " sorry I forget it at home " . A few days later 3 days before the exam , I was thinking " it's so close to the exam day I still don't have my notebook ". I was panicking a little bit. The next day I went to school but he didn't come . Then next day I didn't go to school ( I have a whole history of missing school days) for some reason . Then it was the day of exam I got ready and went to school hoping to get back my notebook , but to my surprise there was no one at the school .
There was a notice at the gate , at first I was confused but after I read the notice I was shocked , it said " the final term exam have been cancelled due to covid pandemic " . I was happy ( not because of the pandemic ) because the exams were cancelled . Then I enjoyed the summer vacation . The end

One thing you learn from this story is that you should never give your classmate your things unless you really trust him/her . And also study the day the teacher taughts you the lesson and keep revising :) .

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05/28/2022 1:46 am
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05/28/2022 12:04 am
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Wow Saved By A Sign!
05/28/2022 6:21 am
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Actually saved by a piece of paper :)
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