The Fires of Hell - A Minecraft Poem

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avatar Torm
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Level 31 : Artisan Scribe
Cresting the peaks into the fires of hell, the roiling lava rumbles

Casting stark realisation upon the dull brick of the wall

Across uneven ground the brave wanderer stumbles

T’ward the blackness of the gaping maw


Enraptured encirclement, the glowing rods do spin

Mournful sighs echoing through the crumbled structure

A flare in the darkness, the light from above

Unworldly shrieks rend mortal ears asunder


Cast off from the world through a purple haze

The horrors of the surface but a distant memory

Yet far from the sun’s most beckoning rays

The Underworld promises, yet ne’er delivers


From withering heights, the wanderer did stand

Poised and prepared for these most imminent threats

The illness of complacency; paranoia the cure

None who doth enter unscathed do return


An amorphous mass, through glowing cascade takes shape

Basking in the all-consuming flame

Resonance in the void, silence in approach

The eye of the inferno; these blazing embers devour


Above all else in this stricken realm, a force more eerie than ever believed

Tempestuous evil, insidious in design

Forged from the charred pillars of what once was, and what is yet to occur

Born of the ignoble machination of the human fallacy


Beyond the eternal doth shine the stars

Casting radiance upon the chasm, a fragile light soon extinguished

My friends, it is unwise to meddle with otherworldly forces

Forever bathed in the impure silver of false illumination


Riding the troughs into the fires of hell; turmoil unending forever more



Completed at 1am, the result of a few half-baked concepts and thoughts brought together under a common theme. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.

- Torm 

05/07/2015 8:50 am
Level 31 : Artisan Explorer
Minecraft translation--Biome: Hell

Good poem. Your diction surprises me. :)
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