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The Forgotten City of Possesens

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avatar GalaxyGamer Green
Level 17 : Journeyman Unicorn
This is Day Four of our exploration under the Pacific Ocean. Haven't found anything else after our navigation Guy, Ned, went bonkers and literally climbed out of the submarine with us safe in the quarters. Now its just Alex, Steve, and I. Took an entire day for the sub's draining mechanism to remove the water. Alex found a Navigation guide in Ned's Pouch. She is starting to find out how to use the navigation system. I'll report again tomorrow.
I'm reporting on Day five and we are running low out food and supplies but, Alex has found something huge incoming. It can't be anything natural it has to be man made. We went closer and we saw something unbelievable. A giant city underwater, a huge statue of a man holding a trident and massive building behind it. We are all getting tired of our travels today. I will record in my journal tomorrow.
Day Six has come and I worried that we wont explore the entirety of this lost city. With the food rations we have left we have to leave at day Eight. We have researched on what is known of this lost city. That man holding the Trident is Poseidon, The god of the Seas. Poseidon and Athena were fight over the control of hat is known to be Athens. One minor thing that doesn't make sense. This was in Greek Mythology which had taken place almost on the opposite side of the world. So far it seems like Poseidon had made his own city which had been a secret from the rest of the humans. We are going out with SCUBA Gear to venture this unknown land.
Day Seven of this journey and we will go out to adventure. We first investigate the statue. The trident appeared to have Greek writing. This is its writing, "As Athena ruling over Athens, Poseidon has no use for man kind and man kind has no use for him. The only time man kind wishes Poseidon to be on their side is when they sail ships to trade and sell things to other Countries and cultures. Poseidon has asked his most loyal followers to make a new civilization somewhere else. Not many knew because they build their city on small island near the Atlantic. Because of their Secrecy, the people of Possesens raided Athens and other cites can towns. No one liked what they were doing not even Poseidon himself. Poseidon sent a massive wave towards the city which killed all civilians and sent the city to follow the direction of the waves. Every ones memory was wiped, and anyone who found out about this city was cursed by the tides of the sea". I felt vibrations happening. I turn around to see kelp and coral physical grab Alex and Steve and shatter the glass of their scuba gear. They... Drowned... Not that long of grief happened when I turned around, and I saw the statue of Poseidon shatter, Houses crumble and everything was collapsing. A wave of water grabbed me and brought me under the rubble and trapped me under the ruble. If anyone is reading this, the curse will get you no matter what and kill people close to you. Please protect everyone you love and never remember the forgotten... Its forgotten for a reason...

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