the four kingdoms

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the four kindoms is a story me and my friends made up, so its not gonna be very good. ima give them fake names
the four kingdoms are, the Utopian demigods, the tribal Orcs, the ancient monsters, and the violent Blood elves
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Gray me door stan

theres a lot of stuff that needs explaining

the Orcs
the Orcs are kinda anarchistic, no laws for murder, assault, or war crimes. they are cannibalistic and able to eat raw or rotten meat. the average Orc is 6.8, almost a foot above the average human. the Orcs have bin in many wars but at this time they are at a civil war. there favorite thing is grog, a drink of all kinds of meat, blood, and vinegar. if you go to the tribesland than you'll see a lot of corpses, Orc and human.

the Demigods
the Gods are not what you'd think, a God most of the time is some kind a tree. that would make Demigods the seeds or, the fruits. Demigods are all the different kinds of species on this astral plane, but are primarily a Bloodborn, a dead species. the Demigods live in the Gray Mountains, a area with lots of natural materials, and a very good tactical advantage. something that might be surprising is that the Demigods and the Orcs are in a alliance.


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