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The Fox and his Chicken - A Tale of Friendship (Animal Whisperer Contest)

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avatar Lyron
Level 37 : Artisan Fox
The Fox and his Chicken

It’s a cold, rainy night. Clouds fill the sky, rain pounds down in a light but rapid drizzle. Huddled shivering in a small cave nestled in the base of a cliff, a small fox hides from the downpour. The fox curls tightly in an attempt to remain warm, but the season is winter, and the cold is harsh. The fox was the runt of its litter, five kilograms underweight. Quite small indeed if one is going by fox standards. The fox was lying there, shivering, barely able to survive the night. Eyes closed in an attempt at sleep, the fox felt something lay with it, unable to identify the creature. The warmth this animal brought with it was barely enough for the fox, but the two managed sleep.

The sun rose. Light crept into the shallow cave, waking the fox. It opened its eyes, blinking at the sudden brightness. With gratitude, the fox yawned, and tried to stretch. It felt pain, a wound. The fox whines, looking back at the scrape on its hind leg. No more bleeding, but it hurt. Movement startles the fox. It glances around, and notices a chicken. Food, it thought. It tries to stalk the chicken, but the chicken wakes up. With alarmed clucking, the chicken backs away. The fox tries to pursue, but pain shoots through its leg. The fox falls with a yelp. The chicken looks back, confused. Why wasn’t it dead? It sees the fox on the ground, and notices the wound. The chicken thinks freedom! Without a second thought, it makes a run for the cave entrance. The fox just watches it leave, upset. No food and a wound, the fox felt vulnerable. It looks back to its wound, and it is bleeding. The fox begins to clean the wound, trying to stop the blood. Success comes with pain, and the fox is getting tired.

The fox opens its eyes, having fallen asleep. Its hunger is great, though it had no solution. The fox resigns to its fate, accepting defeat. It’s only regret? Being unable to return to the woods, where it belongs. The fox hears a sound, and opens its closed eyes. A chicken, but one that the fox recognizes with mixed emotion. The chicken returned! In its beak was a twig growing berries. The chicken cautiously inches towards the hungry fox. The fox licks its muzzle, curious as to what the chicken was doing. The chicken drops the branch in front of the fox, and backs away quickly. The fox glances down, and recognizes the berries. They’re edible, so the fox eats. The berries are sweet, and provide just enough sustenance. The fox gets to its feet shakily. After looking around, the fox notices that the chicken is still there, bobbing its head around and cautiously watching the fox. The fox recognizes the kindness, and slowly approaches the chicken, deciding that the chicken was his friend. The chicken almost panics, but notices the fox’s eyes. They show no malice. They were made kind. The chicken approaches the fox, and the fox approaches the chicken.

An agreement was made. They were allies, both being outcasts in their families. The chicken was cast away for being different, and the fox was a runt. They both should not have survived, but they decided to anyway. The fox was grateful, and he was willing to defend the adventurous chicken. Meanwhile the chicken helped the fox find food, as it did when they first met. They traveled together, the fox and his chicken an unbreakable bond, until the day they were returned to nature.


This is my entry for the Animal Whisperer Blog Contest! I wanted to make something perhaps different from what others might make. I decided to make a tale of an unlikely bond, one made under circumstance but held through feelings. I chose a fox because they are my favorite animal, and I would consider them my spirit animal. They usually eat/kill chickens, so of course his friend had to be a chicken! The hard part was making them friends. I needed a reason for the fox to not just kill or eat the chicken, and I needed some reason for the chicken to not just run from the fox. In the end I decided they could help each other. The story is about two animals who likely shouldn't have survived, who were outcasts for being either different or simply too small, coming together and forming an unlikely bond. The chicken, rather than living up to its name, is actually rather curious and adventurous, while the fox is the runt of his litter, making him weaker and causing him to be left behind. The animals actually share that in common. They are both oddities, and they both were shunned for being different. This is a story of two outcasts coming together and providing for each other. Where the chicken might need protection for its adventurous habits, the fox provides; meanwhile, the chicken is willing to help the fox find easier food to make up for his smaller size. I tried to use a unique writing style, one which I hope would help the reader to feel the emotions or the mood of that part of the story. The story is precisely 600 words, not counting the title (With the title it's 605). A little long, but hopefully enjoyable nonetheless.

Leave a diamond, favorite, and/or subscribe if you liked the story! Also, please leave any criticism in the comments! Any tips for improving or any critiques you point out will help me tremendously, and I'll read it all.

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  • LillyWerk
  • Level 5
  • Apprentice Miner
  • March 12, 2019, 7:04 pm
Lyron, I loved this story! your writing is very descriptive, and heart warming! we all know that the animals on MC are just well drawn pixelated moving pictures, but you gave them life with your story! keep up the great work-
  • Lyron
  • Level 37
  • Artisan Fox
  • March 14, 2019, 1:04 pm
Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me, hearing that.

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