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The Fully Automatic Repeating TNT Cannon!

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avatar Starwarrior25
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Welcome to another blog post of mine! A while back I built pretty cool prototype repeating TNT cannon. It turned out successful, as it performed it's job exactly. It only has one drawback. It's just too darn slow. It works great, but unfortunately, the time has to be just right or else I'd find myself with a destroyed cannon. But not to worry! I was making the delay of my redstone clock much longer than necessary, just to make sure it wouldn't self destruct. So, I shall build a better version of the cannon, one that has a fire rate as fast as possible, and has all unnecessary parts removed, as I found I had a few in the prototype. Once done, I'll post the new project as soon as possible, hopefully by 2/4/12. Thanks for reading, Starwarrior25

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Update #1 : 02/02/2012 9:10:43 pmFeb 2nd, 2012

Got the cannon made with a fast fire rate! Now if only my computer won't be stupid for one moment and let me post the world save
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