The God Complex - Chapter 2 - Story

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Chapter 2

Life in prison

A faint knocking was heard in the cell. Sarah awoke to find Marshall’s assistant waiting for her. In his hands he held a platter of food, which she gladly took. The cheeseburger on the plate lasted barely a minute. Leaning back against the door, almost as a random thought, she grabbed the knife from the platter and started hacking away at the wall, storing a piece of brick in her pocket. A fist-sized dent was made before Marshall came by, resulting in her being moved to a more central cell. Ah well there was always tomorrow, she thought as she crawled into bed.

The next day a similar knocking was heard.

“Sarah? My name is Dr. Jones, I would like to talk with you,” a voice came from outside.

“Go away,” was all she could muster in retaliation, but the knocking persisted. Finally she gave in and opened the door, where a surprisingly short man with a gray beard was staring at her. Attempting to flee the room, the man shot out a surprisingly strong arm, trapping her. The deafening roar of a tyrannosaurus leaked through the walls, followed by the sound of aircraft weaponry.

“Ah yes, one of the beasts had escaped containment, the military is dealing with it now,” Dr. Jones noted her discomfort. “It is of no worry to us,” he whispered as he moved to sit on the bed.

“I need to get out of here, stuff to fix, things to do,” Sarah muttered.

“I’m sure you do, but I would like to talk first,” responded Dr. Jones.

“You lot have no authority to keep me here!”

“We are holding you in this facility to monitor your health. Think of it as kind of like a hospital visit,” Jones murmured sternly, while waving his notepad in the air.
“We have no history of mental or physical health issues on you,” he continued.
“I’m surprised there is even a history at all, everything is scattered around,” Sarah muttered grumpily.

“What was that?”
“Nothing,” Sarah turned and faced the wall, refusing to look Jones in the face.
“First question, where are you from? I tried doing some research on you, but there is nothing. No medical documents, no birth certificate, nothing. Not even any family members,” he started.
“I told you all I can, will you let me out of here?” she snapped. Jones sighed, before leaving the room. “And bring me a book or something, I’m bored!” she called after him, but only silence responded. Fiddling with the piece of brick, she thought of ways to escape. But before she even knew it, the cell door slid open as Marshall delivered her a meal to eat, along with a book. The meal was mediocre, the grilled chicken tough and the mashed potatoes cold, but she had eaten worse.
On the tray was a slip of paper, small and weakened from the food residue. It took her a moment to realize what it was, at first thinking it was a secret note, but it was a schedule, and there was no release date on it.

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Level 13 : Journeyman Dragonborn
sorry that this one is a whole lot shorter, the next chapter is longer
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