The God Complex - Chapter 3 - Story

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Chapter 3


Aircraft screamed by outside, a mixture of modern jets and old biplanes. They were chasing something, but Sarah couldn’t tell what. Looking at the paper, today she was going to be let outside. It wasn’t properly outside, more of a contained roofless room. Nevertheless, she was glad to finally get some fresh air. While the cell was nice, they provided her with almost everything she asked, one could only be in one room for so long.
She looked out her window, noting the increase in guards. Further down, cars were swerving down the highway, avoiding the legs of Hannibal’s elephants. Just her luck that she was in the middle of all this.

Her cell door slid open, Marshall had returned bringing breakfast and a new book. She looked at him expectedly as she took the platter.
“After lunch,” he told her, nodding comfortingly. Breakfast was some bland cereal and a banana, the fruit was the best bit of the meal. Time dragged itself across the walls, minutes seemed like hours. An eternity passed, sitting there on the bed, at least that’s what it seemed. However long it appeared, she only waited for 5 hours. The books helped pass the time, and before she realized it Marshall was back at the door, offering a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. After finishing her crude meal, she was led to the great outdoors, or rather a fenced in courtyard.
“You know, for being a mental well-being facility, this is very similar to a jail,” Sarah murmured under her breath.
“What was that?” Asked Marshall
“Nothing,” She responded, thinking. Staying here was not an option, but there was no exit.

Standing there, information and details of the surrounding world waved by like dandelion fuzz on the wind. The permanent gray clouds, farmers herding stegosauruses like sheep, Leonardo Da Vinci piloting a giant robot, it all felt wrong. Then again, it was, all of time and space must have collapsed in on itself, creating the mess London was now. The Eye was fashioned with lasers to keep the giant birds away, and the Stonehenge statues were futuristic knights. In the center of it all was the pyramid Sarah was trapped in. Wind rustled her long and heavy coat, nearly spilling her brick fragment onto the floor.

Suddenly, without warning, a loud low-pitched horn, so deafening it knocked everyone to the ground, was heard. Turning around, Sarah noted the large blimp taking off about two hundred yards from where she stood. The Goodyear blimp, apparently now advertising vacuums, slowly rose into the sky. As it approached she saw a large rope dangling down from it, one that didn’t get properly released. Before Marshall could process what was happening, Sarah grabbed onto the rope and was hoisted out of the courtyard.
“Come back! We still need you!” He called with desperation.
“Not today, prison boy!” She hollered back, the wind ruffling hair into her smile. The air whittled at her skin like spikes of ice, the noise blocking out the crazed tantrums she could see Marshall and his assistant having. Boy, they were furious, but she would not turn back now. All went well for a while, flying through the afternoon sky, but only thirty minutes had passed before the first problem was revealed. With a loud, startled screech equivalent to that of a possessed owl, Sarah temporarily lost her grip on the rope, falling several inches before tightening her grip. If that happened again she would surely fall thousands of feet to the ground below. While the blimp was flying low down still, that fall would be very lethal. Looking back with a scared grin on her face, she started to realize how terrible of a plan this was. With no control where she was going, the odds of falling or freezing to her ultimate demise were quite high.

Looking down at the ground, citizens below looked like ants, they were tiny. Small little ants weaving through historical buildings and reckless hover car drivers. She gave a small laugh of excitement, this was far more thrilling than any roller coaster. Turning back, giant birds revealed themselves to be slowly inching up on the blimp. Their long sharp beaks could cause major damage to the massive balloon. As they drew near, however, it was clear they were not planning on attacking. As they slowly inched up on the blimp, an idea popped into Sarah’s head. What if she dropped onto the back of one as they got near? They looked big enough to support her. Giving one final breath, she let go of the rope. Sure enough, she landed with a grunt on one of the birds. Whether or not the animal noticed, she had no idea. There was no indication that it did, at least. It would be a lot harder to fall off now.

Before long the flock turned direction from the balloon, and with no idea how long she would be flying, Sarah laid down on the beast’s feathered back. It was surprisingly comfortable, like a good quality bed almost. Hours passed, the afternoon sky becoming riddled with stars. The clouds formed stripes in the sky, everything distancing away, becoming hazy. Time seemed to slow down, with noises becoming quieter and lights duller. Before long she was fast asleep, the wind providing a slow melody for her dreams.
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