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Mineville prison 1982

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A prison known as "Mineville prison" is a prison with decent conditions, the prison has nothing really great, but some would disagree and say it's really amazing, why would they say that? This prison is hiding a dark secret...

On August 6th 1982, a man was just minding his own business, just walking along the street. A prison officer disguised as an old man, stared at him and smiled like a psychopath. The officer grabbed him and shouted,
"You killed my children!" and repeated a few times and some cops arrived at the scene, he was arrested and in the police car and thought why that old man would say that to him, he was complety innocent, and besides his children didn't even exist! He was taken to court to stand trial,
"It seems you murdered 5 children, what is your defence?" said the judge.
"I did not murder his children, I don't remember killing anyone and It would be impossible for me to kill anyone!" replied the man.
"He's lying, he's just saying that so he can avoid justice!" shouted the officer disguised as an old man.
"Do you plea yourself guilty or not guilty?" asked the judge.
"Not guilty!" answered the innocent man. The judge asked the others and most of them thought he was guilty.
"Guilty! I sentence you to death row!" shouted the judge.
He was taken away on the prison bus and thought why the old man thought he murdered his children.

Upon arriving in prison, he had his picture taken and then taken to death row. The prison officer who pretended to be an old man returned to the prison. In his cell, he thought how painful his death is going to be. The prison officer was given the job of executing him, it didn't matter how painful his death was, as all the guards were corrupt back then, not so much as now!
The executioner arrived to his victim's cell and opened the door.

"Ye time's up!" he laughed. He took him to the execution room, he wasn't going to be injected, he wasn't going to be electrified, he wasn't going to be gassed, BUT HE WAS GOING TO BE TORTURED! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! The executioner lied him down to a table, he then poured BATTERY ACID INTO HIS EYES! HE WENT PERMANENTLY BLIND WITH EXCRUCIATING PAIN, HE THEN PUNCHED HIS LIVER AREA SO HARD! HE DRILLED A HOLE INTO HIS ANUS AND CONTINUED SAWING AND IT WENT UP HIS INTESTINES AND REVEALED HIS GUTS! HE STARTED BLEEDING A LOT AND HE GRATED HIS FOREHEAD AND HE BLED SO HARD, IT REVEALED HIS BRAIN! HE WAS SCREAMING AND CRYING AND BEGGED THE SADISTIC OFFICER TO KILL HIM! HE FORCED A SHARP OBJECT INTO HIS MOUTH AND HE MOUTH AND NECK BLED! HE THEN TWISTED HIS FINGERS AND FEET! HE THREW HIS BODY INTO A WALL. HE THEN STABBED HIS HEART AND HE WAS FINALLY DEAD! The lifeless body had to go through barbaric torture, even if he did kill his non-existent children, he still didn't deserve to go like this, the evil officer also did the same thing to other people! However, that's not even the worst part! He got away with it and is living a very happy life! Though he knows his eternal punishment to come...

In 1985, a civilian trespassed and saw someone get tortured, he told this to other people and protested for change, all the officers were fired and some were executed, they were replaced with officers who were a bit nicer. Now the prison has massively improved since 1985, although you shouldn't really call it "paradise" although it is compared to what it's like before. The prison still has solitary to punish misbehaving prisoners and death row but the executions are not as bad as what the innocent man had to go through. Oh and if you wanted to know his last words, here it is, "You are as nice as you are beautiful!"

The end

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  • Saltwater
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  • March 16, 2018, 8:30 pm
I will have nightmares now. tyvm

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