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Minedeas- New ores, villagers, Bosses, and MORE!

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EnderWhovian avatar EnderWhovian
Level 59 : Grandmaster Engineer
For a mod idea I would want to add the following:
- New ores
  • Titanium- Stronger than diamond.
  • Uranium- Used for fuel source better than lava buckets.
  • Saphire- Bling, made for crafting fancy blocks.
  • Superium- an ore that does not exist but is twice as rare as titanium but three times as good as diamond
- New Villagers

  • A soldier- Protector of a village. (not as strong as an iron golem but, does not require 15 villagers to spawn)
  • A rouge- A villager that tries to kill only you.
  • An assassin- A villager that to kill other villagers. (If they succeed the villagers rating of you will drop)
- New Mobs

  • Vampire- A rare mob that is kills you in one hit.
  • Horses- You can saddle it and ride it around. Adds 1 heart of damage to attack and 4 plus speed.
  • Fish- Just to make Minecraft more realistic.
- New Bosses (All bosses give 10 levels of exp.)

  • Red Dragon- You can find a volcano biome and around the top there will be two Red Dragons protecting the center. In the center is a Red Dragon egg. If you mange to kill the Red Dragons you can hatch the dragon egg and raise it. It even breaths fire!
  • Dracula- The Boss form of Vampires. Incredibly strong and fast.
  • Abdominal Snowman- Found in Himalaya biomes they can jump very high and deal damage when coming down.
New Biomes-

  • Volcano biome- Red Dragons spawn here.
  • Himalaya biome- Very rare the Abdominal Snowman spawns here along with many ores!

Hope you enjoy my ideas. Have a great day!

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12/14/2012 7:31 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Engineer
EnderWhovian avatar
I apologize if you do not like this post but I have seen many others post about fish. I also have other ideas besides that.
12/14/2012 7:09 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Architect
angeluscaligo avatar
3 of your ideas are already planned to be added somewhere in the future (the red dragon, the volcano and the fish).
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