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avatar duckiez
Level 42 : Master Lad
the guardian

we were an empire. looking upon us now, however many years it may have taken you to find this later, you may not believe me. you may look on what i assume to be the ruins of our once great society and see nothing more than a village, and a broken one at that. my name is silverfallow scout, and i am the prince of the scartraxian kingdom. it may be days after our fall, or it may be decades, even centuries. either way, by the time that you read this, i have most certainly died.

we were by no means peaceful, though i think we did not deserve the fate we received. we ruled over the oceans, not a single crevice of a single sea remained unexplored by our vast, unyielding armies. the town you have likely found this note in was the last line of defense. small and unsuspicious, but easy to protect, it seemed to my mother to be the perfect place to hide.

but they found it. they found it within days. the two other ruling species of the world’s oceans, the merfolk and the smaller cyclopes had formed an alliance in order to defeat us. at first we were unconcerned, but we were wrong to dismiss them. they were led by a hybrid, the daughter of the merfolks’ queen and the cyclopes’ king, truly the first of her kind. they dubbed her the guardian, training her together with the combined knowledge of both races.

she rode into battle fearlessly, easily defeating anything we held against her. she was the glue that held the two kingdoms together, and nothing could stop her. they said that she would lead the two kingdoms as they merged into one, invading our glorious prismarine temples and taking them for themselves. this is lore that you may not have heard, no matter whether you are a guardian or some other explorer. they will hide these stories from their youth, keeping them blissfully innocent so that they need not question their leaders.

they have also said that the guardian is immortal, but only time will tell if this is anything but a myth. for now, i must go to my queen, my mother. she is more hopeful than i, but the meal that she is preparing is… exceptionally fancy. i know in my heart that she sees this is the end, and she won’t go without one last night with me. a night of peace. please, do all that you might to end the guardians’ reign. if not for me, if not for my mother, then for yourself. they must be stopped.

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