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The Guide to Taming and Breeding Animals!

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Grimmcat's Avatar Grimmcat
Level 40 : Master Wolf
First here is how to breed every animal! (If I missed one please mail me!)
*Horses are breed with golden apples or golden carrots (I dont know if you can use shiny apples)
Note: It takes 20 minutes for a newborn foal to grow into an adult.
*Sheep are breed with Wheat, and if you say mix red and yellow sheep, you get orange, or green and blue = cyan
*Cows are breed with Wheat also.
*Chicken are breed with seeds but can also be spawned with the eggs chicken lay
*Wolf are breed with any meat except for fish, if you classify fish as a meat.
*Ocelots or Cats are breed with fish, raw fish NOT cooked!
*Pigs are breed with carrots
Sort of Breeding?
*If a zombie and villager hug, the villager soon turned into a zombie villager
*If you right click a horse in creative with a spawn egg exactly on the horse, it makes a baby horse of that color.
*Villagers I think can breed if they want to, but I don't think there is a way of making them.

Now to Tame them!
*Horses can be tamed a two ways.
-You can keep riding them until they have red hearts indicating that you can then saddle them.
-You can also give them gold apples, bread, gold carrots, wheat, sugar, and apples, but golden apples increasing the probability of taming the most.
For more facts about taming these horses refer to:minecraft.gamepedia.com/Horse
*To breed ocelots or cats you need fish NOT cooked fish though!
*You can not tame Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Chickens, etc. BUT you can feed them their breeding food, if you do they should not de-spawn.
*To breed Dogs you need any meat except for fish (again if you consider fish a meat) you can even use that useless rotten flesh and it won't hurt them!
Note: Make sure the dogs are at full health before breeding, if not the meat will just heal and not breed.
CreditI have learned the facts from update videos and mojang!

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