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The Heart of Minecraft

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Steve, who has been running low on supplies, was extremely relieved to find land. Then he remembered what he was here for. He got off his boat and ran around the beach. “YES!”, he yelled, “I finally made it.” After a few minutes, he finally calmed down enough to take in his surroundings. “The far lands!” Steve said in wonder. I’m the first person here!”

Steve explored the mythical far lands and was disappointed when he came up empty-handed. “How can the far lands be like this!” Steve muttered under his breath as he saw the world border. “How can I get around this!”

Suddenly, Steve heard a slam followed by footsteps. He dove for cover just as someone approached the world border. Steve peered around his hiding spot and saw something that took his breath away. Notch! he thought. Wait, did I say out loud? Notch turned around and stared right where Steve was hiding. “Oh, why are you hiding, Steve?” Notch asked. Steve crawled out of his hiding place guiltily and walked over to Notch. “S-S-Sorry,” Steve replied. “I was just exploring and landed here.” “Well then, I suppose I will reward you by showing you the heart of Minecraft,” Notch said.

Steve followed Notch through a secret tunnel and into the code. “Wow!” Steve said in awe as he walked between all the code. Suddenly, he felt something cold and his vision went black. That lasted only an instant and a few seconds later, his vision went back to normal. But this time, he was not in control of his own body. He realized he was in spectator mode and went out of his body. He then saw he was being controlled by Herobrine.

“No!” Steve shouted, but no one can hear him. He had to warn Notch and get Herobrine out of here before he destroys the heart of Minecraft. Steve floated after Notch and Herobrine until they got into the deepest part of the Minecraft code. Steve thought of everyone in this server and in Minecraft. What will happen to them?

Soon, Notch and Herobrine reached the Mojang offices. Notch reached out to the key pad and entered a code. The gigantic, explosion-proof vault door slid open and they went inside.

Once they were inside, everything happened. Herobrine immediately ran for the heart. He grabbed it and ran away. Suddenly, Minecraft closed and crashed. A pop up appeared saying, “It looks like Minecraft has crashed. Sorry for the inconvenience.” NO, Steve thought. It really happened! It’s all my fault.

Steve remembered his coding lessons and hacked into the Minecraft servers. He managed to get Minecraft opened again and watched helplessly as Notch and Herobrine battled. Steve racked his brain for an idea and got one. This will either save Minecraft or get him arrested. He hacked into the Minecraft server again, slipping past fire walls and VPNs. He finally got to the inner most circle of Minecraft. He searched the server and found the passcode needed to unlock the source code. He entered it. At first nothing happened. Then he was in.

He looked through the code and found Herobrine. He deleted that line of code. He opened Minecraft again and the launcher opened with a pop up that said, “Update 1.12 has come out!” He scrolled through the list until he saw the words “-Removed Herobrine.”

Steve clicked Play and watched as the server became online. Notch was there to welcome him and promoted him into the Mojang team.

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03/26/2017 1:10 pm
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wow awesome man!
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