The Herobrine FIles - Prologue (Popular Reel)

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Level 35 : Artisan Herobrine
In the heart of Sanniruen Corp HQ, workers were scrambling around the area, answering to orders barked by Merru Sanniruen (DAFROGMASTER1) himself. Merru proceeded into entering a separate room, where a man with a hood and another in a lab coat were waiting. The hooded man pulled a bag out of his cloak and dropped it onto the table, allowing the images to spill out across it. "It's all there."
Merru started flipping through the images. The other man turned to the bounty hunter. "The room to the left. They'll administer your units to you." A greedy smile crept over the bounty hunter's face and he scuttled out of the room. Merru picked up a picture and held it up to the light. "Nu'kmol."
"What's he thinking, going to a desolate place like that? He'll never survive."
Merru shook his head. "You never know with Herobrines. And Innu-Rei is a formidable one."
"Sir, on the previous suggestion...would we send in..."
The man's gaze drifted over a large glass container at the end of the room. The haze of a shadow emitted from it.
Merru thought for a second and then walked over to it.
"You've been in stasis for too long, my friend." He rubbed the side of the container and his hand drifted down to a control panel on its side. He tapped a button on it. "Awaken."
Immediately after he said his, something thrashed inside the container. Merru withdrew from it when he heard it snarling and growling at him.
Then it stopped, realizing where it was.
A sly grin spread over Merru's face. "Do you remember Innu-Rei?"
The thing grunted. "Yes."
"Well, you're stronger now. Much, much stronger. I need you to find him for me. And when you do," Merru lowered his voice when he heard a final shriek from the bounty hunter in the next room. " mercy."

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"final shriek from the bounty hunter" obviously a shriek of joy from the amount of money he got.
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Yes, obviously. No, that's not...
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