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The History of the Known Lands - Of the Years before Counting

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Pleasenotme avatar Pleasenotme
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This is a part of the history that I made up for my adventure map, The Known Lands of Veninide! Be sure to check it out if you find this interesting!

The Years of the Unwritten Words
Long ago, before the beings of the world began counting, the Three Good Races of Humans, Piglins, and Players are first known to have lived. Humans arose in the Southern and Eastern continents, the two groups presumably being distant cousins. Piglins lived in the Nether, of uncertain origin, though it is thought that they were at the peak of their power in the Nether around this time. Players, from uncertain origin, existed alongside the Eastern Humans, in far greater numbers than they have today (though still far less than Humans).

The First Books
The Players were the first to invent writing, in the form of runes, which they taught to the Humans as well. The Players and Humans henceforth used more-or-less the same writing system. Then the players started creating portals to the Nether. There, they taught the Piglins their system of writing. The Piglins adapted it to their own language, Leinivela.

The Rise of Piglins in Weciduin
The Piglins learnt the art of portal-making from the Players and entered the Overworld in eastern Weciduin (now called Wiserrin). Most of the travelers succumbed to the Green Sickness (zombification), but some grew immune to it and started an Overworld colony. Gradually, they grew independent from their Nether relatives.

The Lands of Forlond
The Players from the Eastern Continent and the Piglins of Weciduin now looked towards the lands of Forlond. Both races started colonizing these lands until there started to be disputes between the two races. A war was about to begin, one that would almost exterminate the losing race...

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