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The History, The Story, and The Theory of Minecraft

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The History, The Story, and The Theory of Minecraft

This is going to be a three part series: The History of Minecraft, The Story of Minecraft, and the Theory of Minecraft.  Please let me know what you think about each part and let me know where I can improve.  If you’re going to use criticism, please use CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, not “this suck. It’s stupid. Blah blah blah etc.”

Before I explain the history of minecraft, I first must say that this is what I have interpreted from the game. It may not be true.  It probably isn’t considering the fact that Minecraft is merely a video game.  What I write down here is purely speculation.

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s begin:


The History of Minecraft

Minecraft is a very different world from ours.  It is generally a flat world filled with peaceful animals above ground during the day, and hostile monsters during the night.  These hostile monsters include giant spiders, skeletons, zombies, creepers, etc.  Before I continue, let me talk a little bit about the undead mobs; more specifically, the zombie.  Where do they come from?  First of all, when a zombie kills a villager, the villager sometimes becomes a zombie.  Does this mean all zombies were once villagers?  It doesn’t seem quite that logical considering that regular zombies look quite different from zombie villagers.  To find the origins of zombies, think about where they come from when it becomes night.  Don’t think in terms of programming and gameplay, think in terms of if minecraft was the real world.  If you notice, zombies can be found in caves regardless of whether it is night or day.  This could mean that zombies live in the underground caves and come out of them during the night.  But did they originate from caves, or did they migrate there in order to survive the sun.  To further figure out where they come from, think about this: what is a zombie?  It is classified as an undead humanoid.  Because they are undead, they must have been a living entity before dying and coming back to life.  So what were they before they became zombies?  We already ruled out villagers; however, Zombies do appear to be closely related to the player due to the fact they both share the same model.  Could they be the resurrected dead bodies of the player?  The player does have multiple lives and respawns every time he/she dies; however, there are already many zombies in the in the world of minecraft when the player initially spawns.  This could mean that the minecraft world was once filled with humans, but something wiped them out, and later, something must have brought there dead bodies back to life.  But this brings up 2 questions.  One, what happened that caused the extinction (or near extinction, if you include the player) of the human race?  Two, what resurrected the dead bodies of the humans?  These questions can be answered, but we will have to look elsewhere in order to do so.

There is evidence of a civilization existing before the player initially spawned.  There are abandon mineshafts, desert ruins, jungle temples, and Strongholds.  But the question is who built them?  One could say humans, but think about this, The architecture style of strongholds differ greatly from jungle and desert temples.  you could also say that jungle temples have a different architecture style than desert temples, but they don’t seem too different to each other compared to the difference between them and the strongholds.  This could just be a sign of human architecture evolving.  But it could be a sign of another race of sentient creatures living at the same time as humans.  But if so, what would this race be?  It could be villagers but if you look at their architecture it seems to be a style that doesn’t have many similarities to any of the abandoned structures.  Later, I will explain where the villagers fit into this picture, but for now, let us stick to the current topic.  So what would that second race be?  Before villagers were added to minecraft, notch said that he was going to add a mob called “Pigman”.  If you think about it, there are pigs and zombie pigman already in minecraft.  But where is the link between the two?  I think that pigman may have once existed in the minecraft world but disappeared along with the humans. (Again, just to remind you, this merely my view of what happened as a background to the minecraft story.)  So there were humans who are now all zombies, and pigman who are now all zombie pigman.  So what caused them to disappear? Not only that but, which structures were made by humans, and which were made by pigman?  Jungle and desert temples are both on the surface while strongholds and mineshafts are found under ground.  Also, jungle and desert temples are more artistic in architecture while strongholds and mineshafts are more functional in architecture.  So, who was who? Who built the temples, and who built the strongholds?  Before we answer that let us examine more in detail on the villagers.

    There are many types of villagers: butcher, librarian, farmer, blacksmith, and interestingly, the preist.  Why is the priest an important clue you may ask?  It’s because this shows that there must be some type of religion in minecraft.  This can also be shown by the fact there are churches in minecraft villages.  In fact, the church gives us a clue as to the type of religion they have (I’m not talking about a specific religion but merely aspects that are part of religion.)  By definition, a church is a building used for religious activities, more specifically, the worship of some type of deity or deities.  This means there should be at least one deity in minecraft.  In fact, there is evidence of at least two deities in minecraft.  This evidence is found in the end poem.  The two speakers in the end poem mention that the player is reading their thoughts.  But at one point, some of the words are scrambled and cannot be read.  The speakers explain this as that the player has not achieved the highest level yet.  This means that the speakers are at a “higher level” than the player, which can be inferred that they are possibly deities.  This is further backed up by the fact that they mention that some people call them gods.  They later identify themselves as the universe.  So what does this have to do with what happened to the humans and pigman?  We will see in the next topic.

So originally, there were humans, pigman, and villagers.  Lets first examine the pigman.  Why are they now undead?  More importantly, why are they in the nether?  They have weapons made of gold, which is only found in the overworld.  They also evolved from the pig, which almost certainly originates from the overworld.  Why are they in the nether?  Why not the overworld?  Could they have been trapped in the nether?  And who built the nether fortresses?  Blazes, ghasts, and magma cubes don’t have hands so it couldn’t be them.  This leaves wither skeletons and zombie pigman as the possible builders of the fortresses.  Let us quickly go back to the question of who built the strongholds.  Notice that in the end portal room there are vertical windows with iron bars in them.  This seems very similar to the walls of the nether fortresses, which also have vertical windows but they have nether brick fence in them instead.  Both have similar designs, both could have been built by pigman/zombie pigman.  If the nether fortresses were built by the zombie pigman, then the pigman may have built the strongholds.  So if the pigman built the strongholds, then the humans must have built the desert and jungle temples.  So why are they both gone?  The most likely possibility is war.  Although there is not much evidence for this, there are not many other plausible explanations for what happened.  So for now, let us assume that there was a war between humans and pigman. 

Now the question is, who won?  There are two possible explanations on what happened in the war but the result points to the same race.  Let us look at the strongholds.  They have prisons. They have large libraries.  They also have an end portal frame, which with cannot be crafted by the player with his current abilities/knowledge.  While the desert temples show that humans knew about explosive, and jungle temples show that humans new about redstone.  Both explosives and redstone are generally simple to obtain for the player while an end portal frame is impossible to create with the player’s current abilities and knowledge.  This shows two possible outcomes to the war. One, The pigman became more advanced than the humans because their race outlasted the human race.  Two, when the war started, the pigman were already more advanced then the human race.  Therefore, the humans were wiped out.  So this would explain why there are no more humans.  But what happened to the pigman?  Think about the end portal in the stronghold.  Notice that it is incomplete and sometimes has some eyes of ender already placed in the frame.  Consider this:  Ender portal frames had to have been crafted in some way, they couldn’t have naturally formed like obsidian.  Since there is no crafting recipe for ender portal frames, it must have taken a long time to create them.  But once created, it would only take a few minecraft days to get all of the eyes of ender to activate the portal.  Note also that access to the nether is required in order to craft an eye of ender.  This could mean two things. One, the event that wiped out the pigman had something to do with opening a portal to the nether for the first time. Two, the event that wiped out the pigman happened while the they were trying to complete the end portal.  The first possibility is not likely because they were able to get eyes of ender into the end portal frame.  Therefore, no sort of vicious beast came out of the portal killed all of the pigman when it was opened.  So, whatever caused the extinction of the pigman happened while they were building the end portal.  Since it doesn’t take too long to get the resources to get all of the required eyes of ender, the extinction of the pigman must have happened VERY fast.  This disturbing amount of swiftness it took to wipe out the pigman shows that what ever wiped them out was very powerful.  But it also must have been selective because it did not wipe out anything else.  This could mean that the cause of the extinction of the pigman is in fact, the two speakers in the end poem AKA: the gods of minecraft.  But what would cause the gods to want to wipe out the pigman?  Maybe because they might have started the war. Maybe because they wiped out the human race.  Maybe because they might have been greedy for power and tried to reach the realm of the gods (aka: the end [at least that is what the pigman thought]) and make themselves gods (Similar to the story of the tower of babel.)  So, if the gods wiped out of the pigman, why are their still zombie pigman in nether.  It could be that being forced to live in the nether was the punishment the minecraft gods set upon them.  This would make sense because the nether was originally going to be called hell (but it wasn’t due to the fact that mojang didn’t want to offend religious people.)  as a result, the resurrected pigman were forced to live in the nether.  The pigman tried to make it more like home by building nether fortresses.  Meanwhile, in the overworld, the only sentient beings left were villagers.  But they weren’t as intelligent as humans and pigman.  The player initially spawning was the result of the gods trying to bring back the human race to the overworld.  Thus ends the history of minecraft.


The Story of Minecraft

    Coming soon


The Theory of Minecraft

    Coming soon 

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Almost finished with "The Story" will be out hopefully within a couple days.

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04/28/2019 12:06 pm
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Are you going to release tge story and theory
09/15/2014 6:49 pm
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Wow. Just wow.
09/14/2014 11:53 am
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omg thats awsome post the next part!!! :)
09/12/2014 7:42 am
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07/03/2014 12:43 pm
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Lou_Dude929 avatar
WumpaCraft on YouTube made an excellent theory also about endermen and wither skeletons, and the enderdragon and the wither. It makes sence that both stories could have coexisted in the same theory of the history of the minecraft universe. And I must say. this is a fantastic story!
05/02/2014 6:48 am
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Best. Blog. Ever.

See guys? the blogs sections isn't completely spam.
04/07/2014 7:31 pm
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Also the end creatures may have wiped out the races of human and Zombie when they made the portal and you are the last of the humans.
04/07/2014 7:29 pm
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This is great, and zombies could have been the humans from waaaay back in beta, skeletons more rotting forms of humans, however that dosent explain why HUMANS were hostile in beta.
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